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James Monahan
01-05-2014, 08:20 PM
A few snatches and a couple C&J. I slowed them down with Kinovea (excuse the poor editing and angles). Any comments appreciated....I've hit a wall the past couple months. Thanks.


Blake Barnes
01-06-2014, 04:10 PM
First of all, try to invest in some weightlifting shoes. Those will help you out a lot.

The camera is a little too close to see everything but I can point out a few issues you're having.

On both the Snatch and C&J, you are coming up to the toes way too soon. (Check the 12-13 second mark) At that point you should still be flat footed. Also the bar path is a little too vertical when you're coming off of the floor. This tends to make you shift your weight forward which may be causing you to roll up on the toes too early. As you come up off of the floor, the bar should be making an angle back towards your body as your weight shifts back to the back of the foot.

Try to keep your chest up more on the 1st pull. Think about your hips and shoulders moving up at the same time so your back angle stays the same to the knee/lower thigh. As you pass the knee, your torso will become a little more upright before initiating the 2nd pull. But definitely stay flat-footed longer.

Work on those issues on the 1st pull and everything else will fall into place.

Javier Sanjuan
01-07-2014, 09:58 AM

I'm going to echo what Blake said about the weightlifting shoes and staying on the ground a little longer.

First, weightlifting shoes are essential -- there's no other way to put it. The stability you get from them and the improved position you're in as a result of wearing them are incomparable to the shoes you're wearing now. I almost feel as though if you had them on, you'd actually stay on the ground a little longer ...

Still, to work on staying on the ground a little longer, work on pulls from either the floor or blocks, and work on tall/dip snatches and cleans. These will help you not only stay on the ground longer due to the decreased pulling range, but also help you with your turnover.

Lastly, here are some websites to get some shoes:

1. Some relatively inexpensive shoes that a friend of mine bought and enjoys: http://www.maxbarbell.com/collections/weightlifting-shoes

2. A line of different brands that Rogue offers: http://www.roguefitness.com/shoes/weightlifting-shoes.php?Sitelink=WeightliftingShoes&gclid=CMzMxM_R7LsCFaTm7AodhioA3A

3. Risto Sports: http://www.ristosports.com/

Hope this helps!


James Monahan
01-07-2014, 02:33 PM
Shoes purchased today..don't know why I've been delaying that for so long.

Many thanks for the comments! I'll stay focused on the heels and chest for the next few weeks of practice and see if I can break my habit. I haven't seen a pr in a few months and I'm desperate to throw some (relatively speaking) heavy weight over my head again.


Javier Sanjuan
01-08-2014, 07:51 AM

You won't regret your purchase! Dial down the intensity as you work on the issues and increase the volume to beat quality muscle repetition. As you get more comfortable (the time period depends on your adaptation) and proficient, increase intensity judiciously in order to see the results of your hard work and dedication to improving technique.

Keep us posted!