View Full Version : What to do in between comps

Paul Potter
01-27-2014, 06:52 AM
Hi, I have only three weeks separating 2 competitions coming up. This isn't really enough time for a training block (or is it?) so I was wondering what people might recommend for me to do in between?
Should I take a deload week, a heavy week, then a taper week?
Thanks in advance

Greg Everett
01-27-2014, 08:21 AM
Basically what you said, although the first week doesn't need to be a total deload if you're not too beat up. I would keep the volume low across all 3 weeks, almost entirely if not entirely sn, cj and squat. Wk 1 mod vol, wk 2 higher vol, wk 3 low vol.

Paul Potter
01-28-2014, 02:08 AM
Thanks for the reply Greg! I was just reading your book. I understand what you said and will do exactly that