View Full Version : Equipment Hack: Labeling Dumbbells and racks

David Osorio
02-03-2014, 09:30 AM

Here is our solution to a common problem at affiliates/gyms, Labeling Dumbbells and Racks (http://www.insidetheaffiliate.com/blog/2014/2/3/equipment-hacks-labeling-dumbbells-and-racks.html) (WFS). Using the right markers allows you to label and color code your dumbbells so they can remain organized and be found easily by your members. Anyone with a huge stack of rubber coated hexagonal dumbbells knows what a pain in the ass this can be when similar weights get piled on top of each other.

Equipment Hacks: Labeling Dumbbells and Racks (http://www.insidetheaffiliate.com/blog/2014/2/3/equipment-hacks-labeling-dumbbells-and-racks.html) on Inside The Affiliate (WFS)