View Full Version : Sacrum/lowback pain and leg cramps?

Ryan Grgich
03-10-2014, 11:04 PM
Allitle while ago while heavy cleaning and front squatting i had some discomfort in my right leg, quads (vastas lateralis) and my right calf. THis pain wasnt very sharp and i could continue my workouts for the next few days with only mild discomfort, until i tried back squatting. As soon as i did that my lower back/sacrum area lit up and i had to take 2 days off. Once again after i could easily workout, until i tried to backsquat. I finally went to a chiropractor who said it was a issue with the sacrum and corrected it, saying i could go back to training the next day, and there was little danger of it going out again. Two days later i started to feel it again on snatch pulls. Ive tried everything from stretching, to icing, to electrostiumulation, muscle relaxers etc. but I still get it mid workout. I never feel it at any other time, not while walking or running or sitting (mild tightness but no sharp pain). Does anybody know of a possible cause, or solution? Any information regarding this would be appreciated, thanks.

Blake Barnes
03-11-2014, 09:06 AM
Do you have tight hips? I would make sure your you have good range of motion in the hips.

You can also try some glute activation exercises before your workout (i.e. glute bridges).

It may also come from a weakness in the hamstrings. It just sounds like your quad/lower back is picking up the slack from something else that's not engaging or activating that should be.

Have you had any serious, lower body injuries?