View Full Version : Snatch and CnJ form check

Jordan Dobrev
03-22-2014, 02:20 PM
Snatch video is PR so it's sloppier than usual but the more critique the better. I have a question here - is my receiving position too narrow? It's very comfortable for me to receive like that but it looks very narrow. Shall I force myself into more uncomfortable wider stance? Also I seem to relax sometimes during the 3rd pull


Clean and Jerk is really tough for me. I did focus mainly on my snatch technique during the last 2-3 months so cnj technique is not sound but my leg strength is what's definitely holding me. Jerk doesnt feel too good too, any technique tips would be greatly appreciated.



Blake Barnes
03-25-2014, 09:12 AM

The camera angle is pretty far away but your Snatch technique looks pretty good. You're elbows are a little soft when receiving the bar but things like that will happen when you're at heavier percentages or PRs. If a narrow receiving position is more comfortable for you then I would stick with that. But I wouldn't completely squash the idea of ever changing it. As long as you're in a good position in the bottom then that's all that matters.

For the clean, I can tell you need to build on leg strength. You struggle coming out of the bottom (which, I think, is why you do the power variation on the last two videos). Then again, I understand these are maximal-effort weights for you and I understand technique isn't going to be perfect. I suggest you work on your Front Squats and overall leg strength to maintain good posture throughout the lift and so you'll be more comfortable doing the full lift rather than the power variation.

The Jerk is a little too forward each time. Make sure you're keeping your weight back throughout the dip and drive and making the bar path travel back so that the bar finishes in a position that is right above the back of the shoulders. If you have to, slow down the dip and drive so it's a little more controlled.