View Full Version : Snatch catch - toes way out

Dan Appert
05-26-2014, 08:54 AM
After spending months on mobility and flexibility I have a pretty good squat bottom position and my post surgery knee problems are virtually gone. When I do back squats I'm able to keep my toes relatively forward (about 30 degrees out from straight ahead). I say relatively because they used to automatically turn out past 45 degrees in the bottom of my squat.

After a couple weeks of pause squats and rigorous attention to my foot position the squat looks much better, but when I snatch, during the feet transition, my toes still point way out (often past 45 degrees). In my warmup sets I focus on keeping my toes forward, and as a result I'm thinking way to much while I lift, and they still end up out to far. Only when I power snatch do my feet land in the same position as when I squat, but when I know I'm going to drop down, they always turn way out.

How can I fix this? I don't want to replace the time I use on snatching with footwork drills, but I may have to for a week or two.

Daniel Villarreal
05-26-2014, 11:22 PM
It's very difficult to say anything about your squat or snatch position without seeing them. The angle of your feet shouldn't really be a primary concern, their relation to your knees and hips should be. And that hinges not just on mobility but on your proportions as well. The general stability of your bottom position is key.

All that being said, over 45 degrees sounds like a lot and may indicate problems elsewhere in your technique and form.

Blake Barnes
05-27-2014, 09:22 AM
I agree with Daniel. 45 degrees is a lot but as long as your not putting your knees at a bad angle in relation to the direction of your toes then your fine.

You might be picking your feet up too much or too soon in the lift. But like Daniel pointed out, it's tough to analyze without seeing it.

Try some flat-footed Snatches/Dip Snatches. Start with your feet in the position of where you want them to end up (your squat stance). Keep these light as they will feel pretty weird at first.