View Full Version : [Form Check] Snatch, 71kg

Bobby O'Hara
06-01-2014, 01:02 PM

This is about 85% of my max, even though that max (83kg) is from about 5 months ago and I have a lot of trouble hitting anything above 90% since then. I've recently changed my starting position a bit so I start with my shoulders in front of the bar instead of closer to vertical, and even though I stay over the bar alright I think I'm rushing the second pull because my heels come up off the ground way before my back is vertical. Any tips you all my have are welcome - thank you!

Javier Sanjuan
06-02-2014, 07:05 AM

Overall, pretty good.

I agree with you -- you should think about pushing against the ground (think about driving your feet through the ground) through the first pull. That should help you stay in contact with the ground a little longer. You can also work this will halting snatch deadlifts to the hip to feel how high the bar should rise before initiating the second pull, snatch pulls, and incorporating complexes like snatch pull/halting snatch deadlift + snatch. Dip/high-hang snatches will help you as well.

I also noticed that you're a bit slow getting under the bar. You need as aggressive as possible in this phase -- probably more so than the others since this is where you receive the barbell and stop it from crashing down onto you. Tall/dip/high-hang/block snatches from above the knee will help you realize the importance of pulling fast and aggressive under the bar. Some heaving or snatch balances will also build up confidence.

It's all in your head. Since you started with a new start position, you're thinking about it too much, which is causing you to sacrifice the other parts of the lift. Trust in yourself and your training to just do it!

Hope this helps,