View Full Version : Asymmetry causing unbalanced pull?? Help

Michael Frazier
06-02-2014, 11:12 PM
Hey guys, I've post here a few times and I really appreciate all the feedback from everyone.

I'm an 85k lifter, in the videos I lift 105/126. The last 2 months I've had an irritating pain in the posterolateral aspect of my knee, seems like where the hamstring tendon and gastrocnemius tendons cross, when I got into a deep squat. I've also started noticing I jump to the right in my lifts, especially the heavier I go.

So I started looking back at older videos and realized I've been jumping to the right for a while now, about 6 months, but the pain is only recent, about 2 months. So could it be, I've always overcompensated with my left side, leading to overuse, leading to now knee pain? Or am I an idiot and am looking too far into it?

Either way could someone please give me some kind of input? Also, feel free to give me any critiques you find helpful! Thanks a lot and go lift copious amounts of weight.



Blake Barnes
06-03-2014, 08:48 AM
Well I'm not physical therapist but I do see where you favor your left side more, even when you stand up.

If your having some pain, the first thing I would start doing is rolling that point (lacrosse ball, softball, or foam roller) to try and relieve some tension that may be built up there. You could also try jumping into the cold tub to see if that helps at all. If nothing is working then I would seek out a PT.

As far as the asymmetry, I don't exactly know what that could be coming from. Do you have one leg longer than the other? Do you have any past hip/knee/ankle injuries? Are you asymmetrically flexible/mobile?

I would try to seek out a PT or chiropractor to help you diagnose this problem before it gets any worse.