View Full Version : Squat and overhead squat form check

Florian Weber
06-03-2014, 12:55 PM
Overhead squat with a pvc bar:


Was during warm up, felt a bit stiff... shouldn't bounce and fall down so quickly.

I'm planning to switching from squatting low bar to high bar. Practiced with some really light weight and paused at the bottom to feel the position:


Obviously for both mobility is still a huge issue for me. Using a bit of a wider stance helped me to bring in hips more and be more upright. But still not great. Also some lower back rounding going on in overhead squats.

You think my high bar squat form is okay enough to completely switch over to it and use a full 5RM weight or better to practice with lighter weight to avoid having intensity distract from practicing technique?

Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks

Blake Barnes
06-04-2014, 04:20 PM
The OHS doesn't look bad. There is a little bit of a mobility issue. It looks like there is also some shoulder mobility issues as well because the PVC looks like it's about an inch away from your head and just a little bit too far forward. Try to make sure you're practicing the OHS with your Snatch grip.

I would definitely switch to a high bar squat if you're going to be doing the Weightlifting movements. Continue with the pause squats so you can get a good feel for how the bottom position is suppose to be. Also make sure you're working in Front Squats as well. On a couple reps (of the Back Squats) it looks like you're kind of falling down and then relaxing in the bottom position. Make sure you're controlling the descent and staying tight in the bottom.

As far as the weight goes, just go by feel throughout your program and see if you can increase the weights each week until you are comfortable enough to test your 1RM.

Florian Weber
06-13-2014, 05:31 AM
Thanks so much, Blake!

I have pretty long arms, so it's a bit challenging to find the right grip. I've using the guideline of having the bar be in the hips and have it not move if I raise me knees. But yeah, that leaves it with not much distance between the head.

I've practiced snatching yesterday and it felt great to have the hips make proper contact with the bar. I've noticed that I should probably bring my clean grip out a bit as well, so the bar sits higher for the second pull.

But as for the snatch? What is commonly the solution for people with long arms? If I use a closer grip, contract with the bar would most likely become quite painful ;)