View Full Version : Switching from powerlifting

Josh Gaylord
06-04-2014, 05:57 PM
My name is Josh and I am new to Old lifts. I have been doing a power lifting style program for the last year or so. I currently have a 425 squat (low bar), a 345 bench, and a 475 deadlift.
Currently I am doing a 4 day a week program that looks like this:
Monday: CNJ 5x2 5x1
Hang snatched 5x2
Full snatched 5x2
Pause squat 5x2

Tuesday: front squat 5x2
overhead squat 5x2
Push press 5x2
Row variation

Thursday: full snatched 5x2 5x1
Hang clean 5x2
full clean 5x2
Back squat 5x2

Friday: anything I want to

Also I do all my oly lifts in cowboy boots because I can't afford weightlifting shoes. Hasn't been a problem yet but I'm working on it.

Any suggestions on programing or just stuff I need to know?