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Allen Yeh
04-11-2007, 02:55 AM
The link:

My questions on what he said:

1."Mega Dose BCAA's"
I've read that he doesn't advocate preworkout shakes though I know some on here including myself utilize them. He recommended Acetyl L Caritine, huperzine A and vinpocetine, the only one I've even heard of was the L-carnitine and I'm not even too sure what purpose that serves.

During the workout:
Here he recommends taking in all you BCAA's in one shot along with some Carnosine(??). Has any had an effectiveness adding a lot of BCAA's during the workout? He recommends 0.2g/lb (but I wonder if this number changes depending on how lean a person is?) His numbers are about what Greg recommends but Greg recommends splitting the dosage up while CP makes sure his guys down them all during the workout. Would this really make any discernible difference? (though the idea of downing 40 pills during a workout is not appetizing)

Post workout:
Here CP recommends a "protein pulse" where the person first downs 15 grams of essential amino acids (bcaa's??) then waits 10 minutes then a postworkout drink. Here he utilizes the 1 g of protein/4 g's of carbs ratio though that is dependent upon LBM. This is a bit of departure from the guidelines he had originally suggested of it being dependent upon # reps/session. That Robb mentioned in the latest PM.

2. "How Toxic Are You?"
Here CP talks about plastics and metal toxicity. Anyone with anything to add here? I'm a bit curious because I have made the switch to heating up my food in a glass bowl in the last few months than my old method of using the plastic containers. But I do drink out of a Nalgene bottle pretty much all day long?

3. "The Shock Effect"
I'm going to try this for myself because I like being a guinea pig but anyone had success with this method?

4."Salt of the Earth"
For you those wiser in nutrition than me(just about everyone!) What say you about what he says about the more cooked food is the more salt you need to activate certain intenstinal enzymes?

-The color of salt, does that really matter?

-"2) It should also be affordable. It doesn't need to come from Tibet, harvested by a blood type AB Buddhist monk who engages his pelvic floor before bending over, tenth out of fourteen children born during a full moon, etc. Good salt is readily available at any health food store."

I just found the above comment hilarious no real question there.

Steve Shafley
04-11-2007, 05:08 AM
While I think Poliquin has a lot of very interesting things to say, I also think he's got a serious weirdness factor going on.

Dave Van Skike
04-11-2007, 09:26 AM
I wish Poliquin articles woudl contain either a disclaimer and/or footnotes. I susepct a lot of what he's saying is genius and some of it is straight BS. I can never get a good read though.

FWIW, his recomnedation of 35-40 grams of fish oil per day sounded steep but I tried it and found it worked good for fat loss and recovery.