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Atish Jiwian Prasad
10-14-2006, 05:37 PM
Hi Rob,
>I have a few questions for you about nutrition. I've done my due diligence and read the nutrition message board, but still a little confused. I recently spoke to Greg Everett when he was up here in Vancouver, Canada for a seminar. He taught an "O" lifting clinic. He told me to give you a shout if I was still having problems, and I am.
My goal is to loose the stubborn body fat around my gut. I'm currently sitting at about 15% body fat. I'd say that's a little to much for a guy thats been doing Crossfit for a year. I'm in the process of getting into the police force, and teaching Crossfit. I'm apprenticing up here in Vancouver, and going for my certification at the end of the month. I need a nutritional plan that works, and I guess I need the Guru's help. I've argued with Patty (coach) that it might just be genetics issue, but that argument is
>mute with him.
>I need to burn body fat and still maintain my muscle mass, or even grow. I wouldn't want to be the fat or week cop on the force. I can if you want give you all my stats on my skin fold test.
>I'd appreciate any help you could give me. P.S. I'm doing the 16 block zone, but recently switched to the MDiet 16(P), 3(C), and 55 (F) M,T,Th,Fr . W, Sat, and Sun are my carb load days 12(P), 16(C), and 44(F). I haven't seen much change with my weight, but have noticed my clothes becomming looser. Strength, and performance have tanked on the MDiet.

Should I try to lean out first then go for mass:confused:

thanks for the help, AJ

Robb Wolf
10-14-2006, 05:56 PM
Hey AJ! Thanks for shooting the email question over here. Lets have you stick with the MD for a few weeks and see how lean we can get you. Keep a food log in this thread if you like and we can monitor progress from there. Once we get the abdominal fat dealt with we can start ratcheting up your food intake and pack some mass on you. We will also alter your training a bit to get some good strength oriented hypertrophy.

Greg Everett
10-14-2006, 06:10 PM
winstrol + methamphetamine.

you can get that stuff for free from the government in canada, right?

Jason Smith
10-19-2006, 10:36 AM
Sorry for the basic question: What is the MDiet. It seems by Atish's post that it is a modification of zone where you periodically lower carbs and supplement with added fats?

I really need to lean out some also - is this a good approach?


Chris Forbis
10-19-2006, 02:36 PM

Short answer: Very low carbs (~30g a day), high fat during the week. Carb up on the weekend.

Longer answer: The XFit board discussion of it: http://www.crossfit.com/discus/messages/23/29882.html

Longest answer: The T-Nation thread on it: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=658379&pageNo=0

In the T-Nation thread, the best posts are by Il Cazzo and Disc Hoss.