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Jordan Glasser 06-16-2007 09:54 AM

feldenkrais, anyone have an opinion?
After a serioius lifting session I was doing some mild stretching when a local trainer offered to help. She teaches feldenkrais, a method I have always been interested in experimenting with, but haven't been able to attend classes due to scheduling conflicts. In just 20 minutes of moving my legs and hips around I felt great, both physically and mentally. My hips weren't as tight, I was more mobile without that stretched out feeling I get from pulling on muscles.
My question here is does anyone practice regularly? Recommend it?

I ask because she is going away for the summer very shortly, and the only way I can get her services before the end of the summer is to do it privately ($$), instead of the workshop rate which is a little more affordable.

I am thinking that it's worth the money, but would like a second opinion.



David Wood 06-18-2007 01:32 PM

I've done a fair amount of Feldenkrais work over the years, both the classes ("Awareness Through Movement") and the hands-on work with a practicioner ("Functional Integration").

I've loved it . . . but I'm not sure I would pay for it. I definitely walk around looser and taller after a session, but it doesn't seem to "last" . . . even paying attention as best I can, I seem to lose the benefits fairly quickly.

That may just be me and my over-stressed, hyperstimulated life ... your mileage may vary. Again, I love what it does to me and for me, but I've never been able to "integrate" the learning and make the new feeling permanent. I keep telling myself "when I retire . . . "

It's not what you asked, but if I had money to pay for bodywork, I would do Rolfing ("Structural Integration") (yes, all these names sound pretty similar). I found that to produce profound change that didn't need to be constantly attended to for fear of losing it.

Chris Lowndes 06-21-2007 04:59 AM


You could just purchase some tapes or cds of workshops and do them at your leisure?

a couple of links as below


You could also look at doing sessions in other forms of somatic education if available locally i.e. Body Mind Centering, Alexander Technique, Hanna Somatic Education.



Daniel Christensen 06-26-2007 10:46 PM

Good links.

There are some nice free demos on the second site of Jack Heggie's stuff.

Chris Lowndes 06-27-2007 01:54 AM

Another link
From the Hanna Somatic perspective




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