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Yael Grauer 06-17-2007 10:00 AM

International Hispanic Games - photos
After watching UFC yesterday, I went to the International Hispanic Games.

My camera ran out of batteries halfway through the men's lifts and I was sad because I got zero pictures of one of the guys was such a rock star. He missed his first two snatches but kept adding weight anyway and got his third snatch. He also clean + jerked some ridiculous weight. As in, like, our collective jaws dropped--it was really incredible. I think his total was 305. Anyway, I didn't get his picture, but I got to shake his hand.

The female lifters, mostly school age, were also incredibly inspiring. It was cool to see people who came up from Sonora, and of course I think Coach Joe Micela is bordering on genius. Team Arizona represented very well (as always.)

Sorry for the blurry photos, I got my digital camera for free.

Uh, this slide show isn't embedding... Try this: http://picasaweb.google.com/yael.gra...ey=9DbKOzP1Qj0

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