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Rick Deckart 06-19-2007 09:10 AM

What are your current PRs?
I am interested in the relationship of several lifts. I would very much appreciate if you could shortly state your current PRs in the following lifts and give some basic information about yourself:

Back Squat:
Clean Pull:
Front Squat:
Power Clean:
Power Snatch:
Snatch Pull:
Overhead Squat:

If you don't know a number simply leave it open.

I will make a start:

Age: 43
BW: ~80kg
Back Squat: 125.0kg
Clean: 90.0kg
Clean Pull: 115.0kg; edit: checked today (20. JUN 07)
Deadlift: 152.5kg; ditto
Front Squat: ~115.0kg
Jerk: 90.0kg
Power Clean: 90.0kg
Power Snatch: 70.0kg
Snatch Pull: 90.0kg x 2 reps
Snatch: 70.0kg
Overhead Squat: 100.0kg; easy single, no idea what my max is... probably same as FS...

Thank you very much!

John Alston 06-19-2007 09:37 AM

Back Squat:285lb
Clean Pull:115kg?
Deadlift:315lb not a lift I test often
Front Squat:255lb
Power Clean:100kg
Power Snatch:80kg
Snatch Pull:
Overhead Squat:77.5kg (a double off a power snatch)
Total: 180kg

ALL squats listed are to Olympic depth. Been training for about 10mos.

Derek Simonds 06-19-2007 09:54 AM

All in Lb's. I have been training O-Lifts for only about 3 months. I haven't tested any lifts in the past month.

Age: 36
Bodyweight: 189
Back Squat: approx 225
Clean: 165
Clean Pull: 165 (no max ever attempted)
Deadlift: 335
Front Squat: 195
Jerk: 155
Power Clean: ? Don't really use in my training
Power Snatch: ? Don't really use in my training
Snatch Pull: 155 (no max ever attempted)
Snatch: 110
Overhead Squat: 115

Yuen Sohn 06-19-2007 10:16 AM

Age: 30
Bodyweight: 72
Back Squat: 112.5
Clean: 95
Clean Pull: 100 ---> edit 120kg (July)
Deadlift: ?
Front Squat: 100 (tested in March) ---> edit: 110 (July)
Jerk: 91
Power Clean: 85
Power Snatch: 67.5
Snatch Pull: ? Not sure if I've ever done snatch pulls over 60kg.
Snatch: 77.5 ---> 80 (July)
Overhead Squat: 60

Dave Van Skike 06-19-2007 10:21 AM

Age: 38
Bodyweight: 208
Back Squat: 325
Clean: ?
Clean Pull: 225
Deadlift: 415
Front Squat: ?
Jerk: ?
Power Clean: 205
Power Snatch: ? one handed is 115
Snatch Pull: ?
Snatch: ?
Overhead Squat: 140

Scott Kustes 06-19-2007 11:11 AM

Using lbs and my PRs as of a month ago (before the surgery...couldn't do any of these right now).

Age: 27
Bodyweight: 185-190
Back Squat: 305
Clean: 215
Clean Pull: ?
Deadlift: 445
Front Squat: 245
Jerk: 190
Power Clean: ?
Power Snatch: ?
Snatch Pull: ?
Snatch: ?
Overhead Squat: ?

Elliot Royce 06-19-2007 11:26 AM

These are going to be a bit understated as I haven't tested many maxes. Many of these are the last set of 3-5 reps after multiple sets. Also, technique is still creating some oddities. But here goes:

in kilos
Age: 45
Bodyweight: 105
Back Squat: 116
Clean: 100
Clean Pull: 160
Deadlift: ? what's the difference with a clean pull?
Front Squat: 116
Jerk: 90
Power Clean: 95
Power Snatch: ?
Snatch Pull: never tried for weight
Snatch: 71
Overhead Squat: 20 (just do as warmup for now)

Nice to see that I'm the "old man" of the group. Of course, I outweigh most of you by a considerable amount so net/net, I still suck at this.

Rick Deckart 06-19-2007 11:47 AM

Thanks guys, I really appreciate that.

C'mon Robb, Greg, Steve, everybody bring it on, I intend to collect this data and
I am looking for 50--60 observations at the very least, so that I can do some basic statistics over the weekend...

Chuck Kechter 06-19-2007 01:02 PM

Age: One month to 45
Bodyweight: 190lbs
Back Squat: 325lbs (it’s been a long time since I’ve tested the max for this)
Clean: 155lbs
Clean Pull: 170lbs
Deadlift: 350lbs (it’s been a long time since I’ve tested the max for this)
Front Squat: 230ish? I don’t know that I’ve ever tested my max
Jerk: 155lbs
Power Clean: 160lbs
Power Snatch: ?
Snatch Pull: ?
Snatch: 125lbs
Overhead Squat: 125lbs

Note: with the exception of the Power Clean, which I’ve been doing for years, I am fairly new to most of the other Oly lifts… Maybe 6 months depending… Long way to go... :)

Ken Urakawa 06-19-2007 03:03 PM

I'll play.

Age: 35
Bodyweight: 174
Back Squat: 335ish
Clean: 245
Clean Pull: ??
Deadlift: 360ish
Front Squat: 275ish (haven't maxed in ages)
Jerk: 240
Power Clean: 225
Power Snatch: 185ish (they're all power snatches...)
Snatch Pull: ??
Snatch: 185ish
Overhead Squat: 220

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