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Mike ODonnell 06-22-2007 03:23 PM

Leptin and fat loss
great article from Dr Eades blog on Leptin (scroll down to June 17th)

this is just a small part of it

Research done a couple of years ago in St. Louis and in Japan pinpointed the problem. Triglycerides - fat circulating in the blood - interrupts the passage of leptin across the BBB. If trigylcerides are high, which they are in most obese people, then, basically, they block the movement of leptin into the brain. So, leptin levels are elevated in the blood, and triglycerides keep the leptin from getting to where it needs to get to shut off hunger. (click here for the abstract and full text of this research paper.)

We all know that the commonest lab finding in people following a low-carb diet is a dramatic reduction in triglyceride levels. This reduction in triglycerides allows the leptin that is already circulating in relatively large amounts to get through to the brain where it can reduce hunger. I believe that this reduction in triglycerides (which happens fairly quickly) is the primary reason that people substantially decrease their hunger on low-carb diets. And remember from the graphic above that leptin - once it gets to the brain - actually increases thermogenesis as well, which means that the metabolic rate increases.

So, the triglyceride reduction from following a low-carb diet does does double duty when more leptin gets to the brain: hunger goes down and metabolic rate goes up. That duo increases weight loss. Is it any wonder that low-carb diets virtually always manhandle low-fat diets in terms of weight loss in all of the studies in which they are compared? And it it any wonder that when people are allowed to eat an ad lib low-carb diet, they always consume fewer calories than those consuming an ad lib low-fat/high-carbohydrate diet?

Carbohydrates cause triglycerides to increase. All of Dr. Dean Ornish’s studies have shown that subjects following his ultra-low-fat/extremely-high-carbohydrate diet find their triglycerides screaming upward. It’s no wonder that most people have difficulty sticking on his diet or any low-fat/high-carb diet for very long without a lot of hand holding, behavioral therapy, meditation and the rest of his total program. People following these Ornish-like nutritional regimens are sabotaged by the elevated triglycerides that these diets cause. Consequently, they are always hungry. And sooner or later, they give in to their hunger.

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