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Pat McCarthy 07-17-2007 10:58 AM

Pat's Log
After lurking for a while, I decided this site would be a good place to keep a training log as the training mantra of most of the guys here seems to be in tune with my own.

I'm currently in preseason training for the fall rugby season, working on speed and conditioning while continuing the never-ending quest to get bigger, stronger, and more powerful. I spent the better part of the winter and early spring powerlifting and while I did see some good strength gains, I hated how I felt when I started conditioning again. Whenever I focus solely on powerlifting, I find myself feeling fat and injured, not a good combination. However, that's in the past.

I'm currently on a 5 on-2 off schedule where I lift in the morning and condition in the evening. My lifting schedule normally consists of 2 ME days per week, then 3 cross-fit style workouts to end the week. The conditioning consists of 1 speed/agility day, 1 grappling class, and 2 GPP days (strongman stuff). I'm normally completely shot by the end of the week and while this schedule borders on overtraining, I was blessed with superb recovery ability (that's about it as far as natural gifts) so by Sunday night I am aching to go again.

Preseason started about 10 weeks ago. I stand a little over 6'4 and at the beginning weighed in at 247 @ ~17% bf. 10 weeks later, I'm down to 238 @ ~13%. The additional GPP work plus a stricter paleo diet is probably responsible for the loss in my fun belt, and I do feel quite a bit healthier and energetic.

The plan is to continue on this schedule through August then scale the workouts down to 2 ME days and 2 GPP days when team practices get rolling.

Pat McCarthy 07-17-2007 11:07 AM

Workouts for the Week of 7/16-7/20 so far

ME work: Overhead Presses, 7 sets of 3
Warmed up then got 5 sets of 205, then 2 of 185. My neck and traps felt very tight today so did some extra joint mobility after the lifting.

GPP work: As many rounds in 20 minutes of 100yd Sprint/5 Pull-Ups/10 Push-Ups/15 1.5 Pood KB Swings
I finished with 7 rounds. I allowed myself around 1.5 minutes between rounds so I could give as close to 100% as possible on the sprint. This workout really killed me as the KB swings made my heart feel like it was going to jump out of my chest. It's strange how 5 pull-ups can become so difficult after just one sprint. I did this workout at a local high school football field where I hung rings from the goal post. Worked out quite well.

GPP work: 3 rounds of 20 BW Back Squats/800m Row
As I will be traveling for work this week, I will only be able to squeeze in 1 workout per day for the rest of the work. Good thing though as I had never done more than 1 set of 20 rep squats before. I used to be huge of the whole 20 rep squat thing when I first started lifting, eventually working up to 315 for 20, but doing 3 sets is a completely different story. I suck at rowing as well, so this one was a real burner.

GPP Work: 5 rounds of 400m Run/10 BW Bench Press/10 Pull-Ups

Pat McCarthy 07-19-2007 08:28 AM

Wednesday Results:
5 Rounds of 400m Run, 10 BW Bench Press, 10 Chins
This workout was average. I did it at my gym, which is usually empty, but for some reason yesterday was filled with people who decided that an hour walking on the treadmill was the path to elite fitness. I hate running on treadmills to begin with, but I don't have a portable bench press (if one exists, I would be really interested), so doing this at the track would be impossible. Anyhow, I hated how I had to ramp up the speed of the treadmill every round and one of the cheap ones shut down on me right when it got up to peak speed. I also don't believe the bench facilitates metabolic conditioning well, so from now on I will leave it for ME days. I know many people don't see it as very functional, but I still believe it is the best lift for developing brutal upper body strength (and this is coming from someone who LOVES overhead pressing and weighted chins). All and all, it wasn't a wasted effort for I was tired at the end, but this won't be a workout I rotate into my schedule very often.

Today's workout should be much more difficult.
5 rounds of 15 135Lb C&J/400m Run
I can do this one at the track; high rep clean destroy me and well paced 400m sprints inspire me to come up with all kinds of excuses to quit in my head, so it should be a bear.

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