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Brandon Enos 09-13-2007 09:58 AM

back, front, and overhead squats
Is there any formula, or chart, or anything that one can use to determine what their front and overhead squat one-rep maxs are based off of your one rep back squat. Ie, you haveing a 400 pound back squat means your front squat is x pounds and your overhead is y pounds.

I have doubts that there is anything, but it doesnt hurt to ask.

Allen Yeh 09-13-2007 10:06 AM

I've read a couple of places that a front squat should be 80% of your back squat. I can't currently remember where I found that number though sorry.

I'm not sure about a correlation between OHS and BS though.

Eric Jones 09-13-2007 10:10 AM

In my experience, Front Squat for most people will be about 80% of their Back Squat while the OHS doesn't have much to do with the other lifts since it is mostly core strength, flexibility, and being used to the technique. I have had clients come to me that could back squat 350+lbs but couldn't OHS 95.

Eric Jones 09-13-2007 10:11 AM

haha we just posted the same thing at the same time, Allen

Chris Forbis 09-13-2007 04:14 PM

You might want to fire off something to Dan John.

He has a Spider Chart for this stuff, if I remember correctly. The file doesn't appear to be up anymore on his site.

I incorporated most of the info into a spreadsheet. If I get some time on my hands I might dig out what I've got...

This link might be of help. Maybe try to extrapolate OHS numbers from the snatch?


Derek Simonds 09-13-2007 04:27 PM

Peter was doing a survey. Hopefully he will see this thread and post some results.

Chris Forbis 09-13-2007 06:17 PM

Ok, using Dan John's Spider Web Chart and some other resources (which I have now forgotten), I put a spreadsheet together a while back that computed stuff out for me.

FS 86% of BS
OHS 69% of BS

I think I used the Spider Chart to get the clean and front squat poundages from a given back squat poundage. I then assumed that clean : front squat = snatch : ohs

Not worth much, but there are numbers there.

Leo Soubbotine 09-14-2007 04:43 PM

Fs/bs = 74% (285/374)
Ohs/bs = 51% (192/374)

Jordan Glasser 09-15-2007 10:13 AM

I have the spider chart on my computer, but can't seem to upload it:mad: But if you want it I can email to you.


-Ross Hunt 09-15-2007 11:42 AM

Keep in mind that the limiting factor in the OHSQ is shoulder strength, not leg strength, so there is no necessary correlation.

Also, the numbers are for snatch-grip OHSQs. If you have the flexibility to do a jerk-grip overhead squat, you can handle significantly more weight, especially if you are built for it (i.e., short). It has been said that some chinese oly lifters jerk-grip OHSQ more than they front squat--their shoulders can handle the load, and the OHSQ puts the load at a position with better leverage than the FSQ, more directly above the COG.

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