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Jason Highbarger 10-13-2006 08:53 AM

5 Blocks At A Time Durring Feast?
I just started IF and will be logging this process daily. I was unsure which method to follow (15-18 hr, daily vs 24-on/24-off). I have ultimately decided that I will stick with an 18 hour a day fast. I will shift every 5-10 days (still deciding) from an am Feast to a pm Feast. i.e.; 5-10 days I will either Feast from say, 8-am to 2-pm, then 5-10 days I will Feast from possibly 2-pm to 8-pm. Durring the transistion from cycle to cycle on this time format, I will carry through a longer period Fast (24-hrs) until the start of the next Feasting period, or continue the Feasting period (24 hrs), though at my typical Zone alottments and spread throughought the 24 hour period. Or I will Feast from 7am-1pm, Fast from 1pm-7am, then switch after 5-10 days to a 3pm-9pm Feast, 9pm-3pm fast, in which durring the transitions between cycles will yield a 26 hour Fast and a 16 hour Fast.

Either way, my questions are these;

1; Sears (The Zone) says not to eat more than 5 blocks of protein in any given meal as this can cause an insulin spike. So when I consume durring my Feasting period should I try to spread my consumption as much as possible in say 5 block meals (I am already at 3x fat) over the 6 hour period so as to minimize any possibility of getting an insulin spike from >5 protein blocks?

2; for 24/24 Feast/Fast format, it is suggested to at least double your intake in blocks so as to consume the total amount you would have eaten otherwise (17 blocks daily = at least 34 blocks on the 24/24 protocal), so should one seek to increase their Zone block consumption slightly or greatly for a 6hr/18hr daily protocal? i.e.; possibly bump my consumption durring the 6 hour feasting period up from 17 blocks to say, 20-25 blocks? (Still keeping my 3x fats of course.) Perhaps I should zig-zag my daily consumption as I do now (I had currently been zig-zagging my Zone Block consumption between 14 and 18 blocks daily, though at 3x fat, and with great results over the last 3 months. [Height = 5’6”, BW down to 169.5 lbs, leaner, stronger, Fitter.] )

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will chart everything so hopefully I can provide everyone with my personal results albeit annecdotal.

Thanks for your help. Issues 6, 16 and 17 with regards to IF were greatly helpfull and insightfull!

Robb Wolf 10-13-2006 09:42 AM

J-Dog! How are you my verbose amigo!!? The Short answers:

1- Don’t worry about the 5 block upper limit. People are consuming in excess of 10 blocks in a sitting and doing great on this plan. Pack those meals in any way you can that minimizes the feeding window.

2- Play with your block levels! See how your energy and recovery is when you stick with 17 and also when you bump it up. Many people have reported needing more food but they are putting on muscle as a consequence. Tinker with that and let us know how it goes.
Keep us posted on your progress!

Jason Highbarger 10-13-2006 09:43 AM


How are you my friend? I am doing well. It would be good to see you again. Maybe July for the training seminar in SD?

Thanks for the help, Rob! I'm excited to chart my progress and see how it goes. It's certainly getting easier. Today I consumed all my food in a three hour period. I fasted for 21.5 hours the firt time and 19.5 the second time and trained at the 18 hour mark into the fast and felt strong.

Is diet rootbeer ok durring the fasting period? There are no calories in it and co caffeine. I refrain from consuming either glutamine or fishoil capsules durring the fasting period as both contain calories.

Thanks again for the help, Robb.

And thanks again for the CrossFit NorCal Skull Cap!!! I love it!

Robb Wolf 10-13-2006 09:43 AM


I'll be in SD with the rest of the NorCal crew for sure! Regardign the diet rootbeer...I'm really nto sure. Soem people exhibit an insulin response to artificial sweetners and that might buggar some of the benefits of IF. You however are lean and active so it may nto matter at all. Sorry I'm not much of a help on that but in general you should have rock solid mental clarity and energy with IF. Keep an eye out for foggy-headedness after the rootbeer. If you don't experience anything like that, no worries IMO.

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