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Brandon Enos 09-19-2007 10:55 AM

I asked this in the Fast-5 yahoo gorup, but havent gotten a response yet. In the Fast-5 book, it says to use breath strips instead of gum because they have 0 calories. MYe question is, if you run out of breath strips and need something, is one piece of sugar-free, 2.5 calorie gum really going to screw up all the fasting you did to that point and the fasting for the rest of the day, or is it just blown out of porportion?

Greg Battaglia 09-19-2007 11:25 AM

It's not so much a problem of calories, but more so due to the actual action of chewing. There is an intimate connection between your jaw and your intestines (and pancreas). When you start chewing your body releases digestive enzymes in preparation fro digestion of solid food. Then the next time you go to actually eat solid food, your digestive enzyme pool is depleted, and your digestion in hampered. Additionally, your pancreas will release insulin as a response to chewing, something you certainly don't want. The breath strip might be a better option due to no chewing, but then you have problems with the artificial sweeteners possibly causing insulin secretion. Also, in a fasted state the body absorbs any ingested materials much more quickly and efficiently. I'm not so sure that you want your body absorbing neurotoxins, like so many artificial sweetners are, at any great efficiency. To give you an example, when I used to IF I would sometimes eat a piece of sugarless gum. Well, predictably, I would ALWAYS get and intense headache, loss of concentration, and lethargy immediately after beginning to chew the gum.

Garrett Smith 09-19-2007 01:21 PM

Not only is gum a "tease" to your digestion, it's also excessive wear and tear on the TMJ joint that is unnecessary.

If you want to try a gum without all the artificial stuff, give Spry a go. I know it's at health food stores, I don't know about other places...

I believe the calories from gum are blown out of proportion. Anyway, I'd say just drink some herbal tea instead.

Brandon Enos 09-19-2007 07:54 PM

That's a good point, I didnt think about it triggering your digestive system through chewing and what not, and I also didnt think about the chemicals in the breath strips.

What would be a good substitute. Ill look into Spry. Herbal tea is no good for what Im looking for. I need something for when Im at school or out on a date or something and need something to freshen my breath, I dont always have to option to make some tea.

Ethan Pack 09-20-2007 07:10 AM

Some sort of breath spray perhaps? If you need nice smelling breath, you might just chalk it up and use a low-calorie mint or something. Also, maybe research and find something herbal that can be chewed very briefly or parked in the mouth (peppermint leaf?)

Hope that helps!

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