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Brandon Enos 11-03-2007 01:08 PM

Okay, here is some background. I have been following a fast-5/paleo diet for about 2 months, and for the last four weeks, I have been doing a 5x5 strength program. I have lost over 10 pounds. My goal is to lose another ~30 punds. I start (or plan to start if I get in) a fire academy on Jan. 15th and need to make sure Im in shape for that. Here's what I know about the academy. Some brute strength is needed (ie hoisting ladders), but it is mostly metcon and muscular endurance (ie dummy drags, running up stairs with gear etc) and the pt usually consists of lots of running, pushups, situps, and pullups.

So basically, starting Monday, new program. I was thinking of two main things. Either do another 5x5 for four weeks, then start a crossfit/PM/underground strength coach type of thing on a 5-on/2-off schedule for the remaining time. The other option I was thinking of was one of the many ME-black box variations for the entire time up to start of the academy.

Before it is said, I thought of doing the PM workouts, but unfortunatly, with my current school and work schedules, it is not a reality for me to do two workouts a day on those days (plus, Ive always been more of a 5/2 schedule instead of 3/1).


Scotty Hagnas 11-04-2007 09:27 AM

Hi Brandon-

I'd lean toward one of the variants of the ME Black Box.

The metcon portions would be of higher priority, so if time became short - you'd postpone the ME work but still get in your bodyweight and metcon work. When fat loss or conditioning is a priority, I like to finish ME days with very brief mini-metcons as well. As long as energy/recovery is good, I'll have people do things like 40 burpees for time, 20-15-10 rounds of swings and box jumps, etc.- stuff that takes just a few minutes but has high AKP.

Good luck!

Brandon Enos 11-04-2007 11:19 PM

Sounds good. Question, with mini-metcons on the ME days, would only doing metcon days twice a week (Tue and Thur) be enough?

The template I was thinking of the most would be the one from issue 17, Xfit - mon, wed, fri, total body - tue, lower body - thur, upper body - sat. But since I would like to keep it on a 5-on/2-off schedule, switch the days and do xfit on tue and thur, with ME and the mini-metcons on mon, wed, fri.

I was thinking of another template I saw on the forums, but I dont think Id make it through the whole thing before the academy because of the akward rotation it has.

Scotty Hagnas 11-05-2007 08:33 AM

I think two main metcons plus a few minis would work fine for your goals. Just be sure to watch your recovery and adjust accordingly. If you feel that your conditioning is still lacking as the academy draws closer, you can always add more CF workouts and drop back the frequency of the ME work.

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