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Ari Kestler 02-18-2008 05:14 PM

My Mass gain/strength plan...please critique
OK...after doing enough reading and soul searching, I came to the painful conclusion that I am weak and the only hopes I have of getting stronger are going to involve some serious weight lifting with no metcon, a written log and plenty of rest/food. I've decided to start the SS program, really low too, Squat @135 and DL @ 155 in the hopes that I can add 5-10 lbs a workout until I stall...at which point I'll drop back 20 pounds and then add 5-10 lbs a week... The last week of march I will be on vacation so I'm hoping I'll be able to keep adding weight until that week, take the week off and then either resume the following week or if I have to drop the weight down a bit...

After I stall on SS for good, I'll switch to the PM Mass gain program and see where that goes...ultimately my goal is to participate in the CA WoD and not feel dead in doing so...

A few SS Questions:

1) I plan on doing the workouts A and B as designated by rippetoe, and throwing 3 sets of max pull ups and 3 sets of max dips at the end of each workout. If I exceed 3x15 then I'll drop it down to 3x8 weighted... Thoughts?

2) Instead of warming up with regular squat for the squats I was thinking of warming up with the OHS since I'm much weaker anyway and OHS warm up with 45, 65, 95 shouldn't be such a stretch... Thoughts?

3) While starting SS, I'd like to properly learn how to front squat (properly rack the weight), clean/jerk, snatch...so I'll likely get some coaching for that, found someone in baltimore from the CF website so that should be awesome.


I kinda liked being pretty lean , but I'm willing to add weight in order to build muscle and grow stronger...I'm going to try and do it as paleo as I can....so this will probably consist of just eating a lot more than I'm used to... I normally ate 12 - 7 2 large meals...

Instead I might try and do a small pre workout meal on workout days (MWF) so something like 2-4 eggs (thoughts)?

I'll try and drink anywhere from 1/2 liter to 1 L of low fat chocolate milk on workout days as my post workout nutrition... I'm mostly doing this just cause otherwise I see it being difficult to get all the food in.

I plan on adding extra fat to every meal.... TBSPs of Olive oil @ lunch and dinner, jerky and nuts as snacks but otherwise I plan on eating the same amount I used to in each meal and the same amount of carbs each day (normally less than 100g per day)...so on Workout days I will probably have huge carb spikes and on non workout days they will be back to what I'm used to...

I realize the sugar spikes aren't the healthiest thing, but I'm looking at this as a temporary thing to get my weight up and then I can hopefully cut it out and still maintain after the fact....

I think for now I'd still like to keep a relatively shorter feeding window... so still going to strive for 15+ hour fasts, but if I can't put on weight or get too easily fatigued/fail while lifting then I'll consider opening it up...

Any questions/comments? Thanks for all your help. Took me a few weeks to read through all the forums but I feel like I got an incredible amount of information from doing it...

Troy Archie 02-18-2008 07:49 PM

Don't worry about getting "fat" and not being lean. Yeah you might not have that 6-8 BF% you want but you'll be hard pressed to get over 10-12% and that's while eating like a maniac. Good old heavy lifting burns a lot of calories and when you do decided to "lean-up" for summer all it takes is not putting an extra 1/4 cup of olive oil on your salad and rest will take care of it's self.

Warming up with OHS seems like a good idea but I think you should warm up with regular squats instead. Getting your form down right and getting a feel for the bar is essentially to squatting heavy, especially sets of 5. Warming up with OHS and then jumping into a heavy back squat set doesn't sound like fun.

Getting coaching for the O-lifts is a great idea even if you have no plan to compete. They're a great tool to add to your arsenal.

I've been following SS for a bit now and I've really enjoying it. There's something so satisfying about plain old lifting heavy. That and the fact that I'm angst ridden and stressed out over life lately and the iron is a great therapy device.

What's your current weight and height and lifts look like?

Fasting is still good and I do them every couple days or so. Just means more eating in a smaller time frame. I like food so it's all good.

My last comment would be for you to go out and buy Practical Programming by Rip. Seriously a great book. I think if you read that you'd rethink going to the PM mass-gain template and just tinker with what he's laid out in there. No disrespect to the PM template...

Ari Kestler 02-19-2008 05:41 AM

You bring up a good point about the OHS...maybe if I find that I can't recover qiuck enough to heavy squat 3 days a week I'll do OHS or front squat on the middle day to sort of train these as well....

I'm currently 5'9" and 165 lbs. Lifts I mentioned in an earlier thread, but they are pretty light, I haven't really been actively lifting since Oct, but @ the end of that month my squat was 185, DL slightly higher but never really tested, standing press 105-115...

That's pretty much why I decided to start low with SS, I don't want to risk stalling 2 weeks in...

Yeah the fasting yesterday was hard just because fitting all this food between 12-7 was pretty difficult and I felt excessively full the entire day because of it... meh.

Can you be a little more specific in regards to your Practical Programming/PM MG template comment?

Troy Archie 02-21-2008 05:16 PM

For my PP/PM comment I like Greg Everett's comment. To me the PM mass template has the word mass in it and a hypertrophy cycle to boot. It's not entirely strength. You'd be better off just going straight for strength. Size doesn't mean strength.

Start low but not too low. Go hard, go heavy. Eat well and sleep. Don't think you're going stall to on SS 3 weeks into it. If you do check your intake and recovery and tough up. I'm working with a 104kg5x3 back squat right now. I started 102kg on Monday. I keep chipping away at it a little bit at a time. It works. Really well actually. Not having a 20lbs increase per week is not stalling.

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