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Brandon Enos 05-15-2008 03:15 PM

ME Black Box question
In PM issue 17, it states (paraphrased) that you are supposed to add weight with each rep. Heres how Im translating it in my head, how right or wrong am I?

Idea one:
5x5 week - 80% your one rep max, adding 5 pounds every set
5x3 week - 90% your one rep max, adding 5 pounds every set
5x1 week - one rep max, add weight until 5 sets or until cant go any heavier

Idea two:
start at 80 or 85% your one rep max, add 5 pounds every set, then next week, just start at whatever weight you left off at.

Either one of these right or does it mean a different method?

Coach Rutherford 05-16-2008 02:40 AM

Brandon- The real objective is to find your M.E. for that particular movement on that particular day in that particular rep range.

As you stated, you want to add weight to the bar on each set so that your final set for that day is the best effort (Max effort).

The percentages are guides.

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