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Greg Davis 08-07-2008 03:25 AM

Trying to use SS style workouts; thoughts
So I started using 2 day SS style workouts that basically looked like this:

Day 1
Deadlift (or Snatch)
Push (ie. incline press)
Row (ie. db rows)

Day 2
Power Cleans (or C&J)
Posterior chain (ie. single leg RDLs)

I think this sort of template works great. However, I'm finding that these workouts are getting squeezed out by my other activities. Long term I think it would be more sustainable if I could hit a gym for a weights session about once per week. I love hitting heavy weights but I need to focus more on the skill development for my sports.

My question is if I were to do a 1 day gym workout looking simply something like:
Deadlift (or Snatch)
Power Clean (or C&J)
few accessory exercises

(a) is it piling in too much intense exercises in one workout; (b) is once a week often enough to inhibit much of an adaptation response (should i think about ditching the gym altogether?)

Here are the other stuff my typical week tends to include:
~2-4 "metconish" type workouts (BJJ, basketball, tennis, mountain biking, intervals of some sort, etc.)
~2 sessions bodyweight stuff outside (rings, pistols, planches, etc.)
~1 session of rock climbing on average per two weeks

Of course this all varies depending on my schedule and the weather.

My goals aren't too specific; get better at bodyweight exercises, long term LBM development, support varied sport performance.

Dave Ogilbee 08-07-2008 09:44 AM

Greg -

It sounds like you already have enough going on already to support what your goals are, especially since you are already practicing bodyweight exercises. Doing the power/complex lifts once a week will be ok if you just want to throw something into the mix for fun. But if you're main goal is to get better at the sports your doing, then focusing primarily on movements around those sports in place of your workouts will help you see improvements in that area. But to answer your questions:

a) It depends on the loads/volume of the workout and if you are combining the sessions with other workouts during the same day. Doing an intense session that taxes your limits is going to take a toll on your body and be a factor in anything else you're doing that same day.

b) If you put too much on your plate it'l only inhibit what you're trying to accomplish (you want to have ample recovery time from the various activities you're involved in). If you really want to try to work in some strength sessions using weights, I'd say mixing it up week after week. Maybe throw some strength sessions in place of the bodyweight metcons. If strength really is your goal, i'd look at doing more weight sessions than metcons/bodyweight sessions.

Steven Low 08-07-2008 12:09 PM

Sport(s) come first. Everything is built around it (well, stuff that you enjoy more should be your answer here).

That said, that's too much compound work most likely. If you want to keep lifting do maybe one or two lifts per session (with all else that's on your plate that should be more than enough). You don't have to hit them multiple times a week to progress (especially DLs).

Upper body sounds fine with the progressive bodyweight work. Hit low volume strength work with squat/DL/oly. One or two lifts per day, maybe 2-3 sessions per week.

Liam Dougherty Springer 08-07-2008 03:35 PM


I know a man who is strong as an Ox and mixes up his workouts between MMA Gymnastics and Xfit. He may be more into strength than you but In order to maintain his current condition (and he is very strong) he just spends one day a week lifting big. He thinks coach rip is the best but he sticks to one day a week alternating Heavy Back Squats one week and Light Back Squats as a warm up for Heavy Deads the next. I have seen him mix it up and throw in some OL form work with light weights but thats the jist. I am pretty sure this wold show some pretty good gains initialy for someone just starting.

What do you strong guys think?

Justin Fricke 08-07-2008 04:05 PM

If you need to train specifically train specifically for you need. not a big fan of ACSM but they advocate a 8-12 rep 1 set at 80-85% of 1rm to build strength 2- 3 times a week--this thought may work for you as well--it wont work for the O-lifts though(the ACSM part)

Greg Davis 08-13-2008 04:25 AM

Thx for the feedback guys..

Liam that sounds like a pattern that I could benefit from..

Going to give it a try just keeping it simple and hitting the weightroom once a week for some DL/squats and maybe a couple assistance exercises. If I feel like I can add more volume I can always tier it up later on. I want to keep them in my "regimen" because I think (a) heavy lifting is fun (b) it will benefit my sports in the long term if I can bring up my lifts (c) better to establish a decent DL/squat while I'm on the young side for health and longevity reasons.

For now I'm enjoying doing stuff mostly outside whenever possible.. just got back from a 5 day paddle of the Mattawa River... lots of high volume paddling and intense portaging (carrying huge pack & canoe over trails). Very interesting how random stuff like that can be a bit of shock to the body.. sure whipped my traps in to gear.

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