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Chris H Laing 11-22-2008 03:45 PM

Get Awesome!!! oly and gymnastic log
Like it says i wanna get awesome...like really awesome. And nothing would be awesomer than to be able to do a full front lever and snatch bodyweight :cool:

With some help from people on this forum, i've come up with a program to work on oly lifting and gymnastics movements which are what i'm really interested in.
It goes like this:
mon - snatch tech, snatch strength, gymnastic push, gymnastic pull
tues - snatch and c&j tech, metcon
wed - c&j tech, c&j strength, gymnastic pull
thurs - snatch and c&j tech, metcon
fri - rest
sat - snatch, c&j, back squat (this day is a testing day for the oly lifts, and has back squats in for generic strength work because I didn't want to leave BS out completely)
sun - rest

Ill be doing the Boz OHS warmup, and the Burgener warm up before every workout, and will try to get a stretching or foam rolling session in after every workout.

If anyone has any ideas, i'm all ears

The gymnastic pushes are ring dips and hspu and the gymnastic pulls are weighted pullups, invert ecc. 2 hang, and fl prog. pullups.

I'm in the process of making a lot of home exercise equipment, like a medicine ball, a sandbag, and i have dumbells and i'm getting a kettlebell. I'm also getting a few tires for sled drags, box jumps, blah blah. These kinda things are what most of my metcons are gunna involve.

My diet is mostly paleo, with whole milk in the winter for extra calories, and cuz it tastes so good. i'm not worrying about zone because i did it for a while and it sucks...i like being able to eat whenever i want. I'll also be doing IF a couple times a week.

Now onto the workout of the day...

3 rounds for time:
500 m row
15 deadlifts, 155 lbs

time = 11:15

My butt hurt so much after rowing, and i was always light headed going into the deadlifts. The deadliifts were really light, but i still dont have the metcon capacity i had when following crossfit mainsite back, so i was breathing pretty heavily. Did it with my friend on the crew team at my school, and both rowed the first 500 m in 1:45, which is pretty cool since I haven't rowed in months.

Starting the above workout program on monday...pretty excited.

Chris H Laing 11-23-2008 02:21 PM

No workout today, but i went rock climbing at the local racquet club, which was kind of like a pulling workout...i guess?

Oly lifting starts tomorrow...cant wait!

Also I forgot to mention some of my goals.
They are:
bw c&j --> 1.5x bw c&j
.75x bw snatch --> bw snatch
5 sec front lever
.5 bw weighted pullup --> bw weighted pullup --> OAC
full rom HSPU --> fs HSPU --> fs full rom HSPU

I'd also like to increase my strength in front, back, and overhead squats but I don't really have any certain goals for them at the moment...pretty much just get them stronger cuz theyre all really weak.

Derek Simonds 11-23-2008 05:08 PM

Welcome to the training logs. Looks like you have a great idea of what you are doing.

Chris Salvato 11-23-2008 08:17 PM

gl man and good way to start the log, im am interested in seeing how your programming will work out for you... -- go slow on learning the techs -- u will be happy you did later!

Steven Low 11-23-2008 10:56 PM

We'll see. I still don't think you're doing to have enough volume... although you're just starting so we'll see how it turns out. If you feel like you can add a bit more after a week or two then I would go for it based on how it looks right now.

Chris Salvato 11-24-2008 07:07 AM


Originally Posted by Steven Low (Post 43925)
We'll see. I still don't think you're doing to have enough volume... although you're just starting so we'll see how it turns out. If you feel like you can add a bit more after a week or two then I would go for it based on how it looks right now.

Why do you think the volume is low? I see the O-lifts every work day...which is 5 days a week.

When I first saw it, I was actually thinking less work days because it might be too much...but some of the Oly days seemed lighter.

If anything, some of the Oly volume can be turned down to work on FS and OHS to compensate for the lack of training in these areas so far....but I feel like that is built into these "tech" days.

Maybe a linear progression on OHS and FS would be suitable for a couple of these days a week to start...since the snatch and C&J are so dependent on them.

Steven Low 11-24-2008 08:22 AM

Because the actual technique and performing the reps are going to depend very heavily on how fast you learn them. Depends on the volume of that as well.

I am still confused why you only want to do approximately one exercise each day but that's up to you.

Chris H Laing 11-24-2008 01:51 PM

Derek - thanks for the welcome :)


Originally Posted by Chris Salvato (Post 43939)

Maybe a linear progression on OHS and FS would be suitable for a couple of these days a week to start...since the snatch and C&J are so dependent on them.

I was thinking about doing just that. My front squat is super weak and my OHS is almost none existent so they could definitely use some linear progression. The other thing I was thinking about linear progression with was the snatch and clean position deadlifts, because I haven't deadlifted from these positions ever...except for today.

Maybe something like FS and OHS on the associated strength days and go for linear progression, and on sat do a snatch or clean pos. deadlift instead of the back squats to keep the deadlifts in there and to let the legs rest a little bit? Wutchu guys think?


Originally Posted by Steven Low (Post 43943)
I am still confused why you only want to do approximately one exercise each day but that's up to you.

On the strength days I'm doing 3 exercises, plus the technique work, which is like a (really really light) workout in itself. And on metcon days, I have technique work for both oly lifts, and then a metcon, which could consist of anything, so its hard to tell the volume on those days.

I kinda like the volume of the program currently, even though I've only been doing it for a day, and I feel like I'll make better strength gains from going harder on a few exercises than doing a bunch of 'em at decreased intensity.

And now the first workout of the new program!!!! Wooo!!!!

*15.5 hr fast*

DROM - leg swings, arm swings, trunk twists
Wall HS - 60 sec
Tuck FL - 3 x 10 sec
2x Burgener warmup with empty bar *replaced snatch drop with ohs

Handstand was easy, so was FL, think I might need to use a dowel for the next couple times through the B. warmup because it kinda tweaks my wrists.

Snatch Tech:
3 rounds of:
3 ohs
3 pressing snatch balance
3 heaving snatch balance

Used an empty bar for these. On the heaving snatch balances I was landing on my toes, which screwed up my ohs position. I tried to consciously land on my heels and it worked better, but I think i just need to get more comfortable in the bottom position.

Snatch Strength:
Snatch deadlift
135 x 4 x 2

Not heavy at all, but at 135 my butt started sticking out and making my back more parallel to the floor, so I kept at that weight and worked on keeping a more upright torso. They felt pretty good, but this is the first time I've ever done sets of 2 which seems like it doesn't take long enough...

Also I found I could get into a better starting position (more upright torso and whatnot) when I pushed me knees out to the side before starting the lift. Is this ok, or will it be detrimental in the long run?

Gymnastic push:
Ring dips
+5 x 3 x 5

These were ridiculously easy. I'll be going up to 7.5 or maybe 10 lbs on wednesday.

Gymnastic pull:
Ring pullups
+12.5 x 3 x 5

First set felt easy, but I missed the last rep on the 2nd set, and the fourth rep on the 3rd set. This was weird because I did +10 on friday and it felt super easy...maybe all the deadlifts and rowing in the metcon wore out my back?

So that was the first day, and I gotta say it was fun. Trying new things, like the snatch deadlift, is always interesting.

Chris H Laing 11-25-2008 02:26 PM

*15 hr fast*

Wall HS - 60 sec
L-sit - 3 x 5 sec
2x B. wamrup with empty bar, subbed ohs --> snatch drop

Handstands were ridiculously easy. L-sits are a lot harder with shoes on. I was pretty disappointed i could hold it for such a short time without it being a max effort. I think i'll work l-sits on metcon days, and fl on strength days. B. warmup was much easier today on the wrists. My OHS felt off though, but my hamstrings were really tight this morning so maybe thats why?

Snatch Technique:
5 sets of:
3 pos sn + 1 ohs
3 pos sn + 1 heaving sn balance
3 pos sn + 1 sn balance

3 pos - high hang, hang, floor

Did power snatches because I have no confidence under the bar yet...

Sort of fixed the problem with landing on my toes today during the sn balances. Suspiciously it happened more during the heaving sn balances than the regular sn balances.

I also noticed a severe problem with my snatch when pulling from anywhere below the knees. I tend to bounce the bar off my hips when I pull then back under to start the second pull...it causes a lot of landings on my toes, which might have been one of the reasons my ohs felt so wacky today.

I also need to shrug harder...like a lot harder.

Clean & jerk technique:
5 sets of:
3 pos clean + 1 push press
3 pos clean + 1 push jerk
3 pos clean + 1 split jerk

Did these with squat cleans because I'm way more comfortable with that than full squat snatches.

However the same problem I had with pulling from below the knee in the snatch seems to be much worse in the clean. I think its because I try to keep my back as upright as possible, which makes me have to move the bar around my knees or something...not really sure. I'll try to video tape it next time so I can see wuts going on.

Also on the squat cleans, I can't seem to land my feet in the same spot twice in a row. Not really sure what to do about this, other than consciously move my feet where I want them to be. I'll be focusing more on the footing in the b. warmup from now on.

*all technique is with an empty 45 lb bar unless otherwise noted

Metcon...sort of...
8 rounds for time:
25 m swim
~1:30 min rest

First time I've swam hard in the pool since summer ended, and it was pretty fun. I would have liked to do more, but I had previous obligations to attend to that cut my time in the gym short.

Couldn't time them because I lost my waterproof watch, but I would guess they were anywhere between 15 and 20 sec, because I can pretty consistently get 11 sec when I have jammers on and start from a dive, but these were done in my lacrosse shorts and started from in the water.

Fun day. I love working the only lifts, but by the last set of 3 pos cleans, my grip was so gone I had to stop in between each, with the bar resting in the fold on my hip with me bent over it to keep it from falling while I shook out my aching forearms. I think this might not be the best way to work on form and technique, so I might do a little less of each when I do them both in the same day.

I also need to get my shrug hard and my landing position consistent.

Chris H Laing 11-26-2008 08:14 PM

Helped a friend of the family move today...for six hours...lifting heavy and awkward boxes. Went to workout immediately after.

wall hs - 60 sec
tuck fl - 3 x 10 sec
2 x b warmup *ohs for snatch drops

Clean & Jerk tech
5 sets of:
3 hang squat cleans
3 front squats
3 split jerks

I think i finally found the position my feet need to be in for the front squat, which is kinda cool. Also, I have horrible midline stabilization because my lower back gets during fs even with an empty bar.

Clean strength:
Front Squat
65 x 3 x 5

This is pathetic. This is what really showed me I have horrible midline stabilization, because i worked my way up to 105 for a set of 5, but my elbows dropped like crazy, so I dropped down to 85, still had some elbow drop, so I dropped to 65. I didn't feel it in my legs, just in my lower back, which got extremely tight during all the sets.

Jerk strength:
Push Press
75 x 4 x 4

This was pretty easy, which is sad because someones push press shouldn't be higher than their front squat. I think i have a little bit of forward lean as I fatigue a little, but trying to hold the totally upright torso made my lower back tight also, which I think is due to the moving and the fs.

Didn't do weighted pull ups today because it was late when I finally got to the gym and i wanted to get home. Plus my back got a lot of work moving all those boxes and tv's and bookshelves.

Gunna try to get some linear progression for front squats, and overhead squats, because if my front squat is that low, theres no telling how weak my ohs is...

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