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Christian Mendoza 11-27-2008 10:24 AM

Snatch Critiques
Please look at the training videos dated 11.20.08. Before I say what I've been told before, what are your observations, and suggestions for improvement? Much appreciated, and happy Thanksgiving!


James Withington 11-27-2008 10:51 AM

In my not very expert opinion it looks as though you aren't getting full extension at the top of the second pull. Looking at your bar path the bump you get off the mid thigh is sending the bar quite a long way infront of you. In all your lifts, particularly the 70kg lift, this is causing you to jump forward by quite a few inches as you pull under the bar.

Other than that the lifts look pretty strong. Better than mine at least! :p

Derek Maffett 11-28-2008 03:55 AM

Ack. I can't get the wmv's to work. Sorry.

garrett stack 11-28-2008 08:23 AM

Christian no expert but I think your bar is swinging miles in front of you and you are jumping forward underneath to catch it , Ive never seen that before.

You are a bit slow but that doesent really matter in comparison. You need to try and keep the bar much closer to your body and learn to bend your arms along the bar.
Im sure there is a lot more , Im sure greg and derek will comment.

Steven Low 11-28-2008 09:48 AM

(1) Torso is not getting upright in the second pull. This means bar doesn't get to hip crease with your torso vertical which leads into

(2) you're still bouncing the bar off the front of your hips which is kicking it forwards.

(3) You have to jump forwards to get under the bar. Big no-no. If anything you should be staying near the same place or going backwards.

(4) Arms never bend. After the second pull you should be bending your arms.. the bar should be whizzing right by your face. If you keep them straight there's no way you're going to get enough power to go heavy because of the semi circular path the bar takes when your arms are straight.

Have you read Greg's book on this?

Christian Mendoza 11-28-2008 10:12 AM

Thanks, everyone, for all your detailed suggestions. And, no, I haven't read Greg's book yet...just the free issue of the journal discussing both lifts. I never realized the bar was so far in front of me. I rarely miss backward, which was another hint. I'm definitely going to be working on this...should it be with broomstick? Empty bar? A warm-up weight?

About the videos not working, have you tried right-clicking and "saving target as..."? If that doesn't work, I'm going to try to post them YouTube style. Thanks again!

Steven Low 11-28-2008 10:23 AM

PVC/broomstick works.

Add in the burgener warmup before you do your Oly (or in your warmup) if you aren't doing it.

Christian Mendoza 11-28-2008 12:21 PM

I take it you're referring to the high pulls Sage does in the warmups?

Derek Maffett 11-28-2008 11:20 PM

Here's an overview of the Burgener warm-up.

http://journal.crossfit.com/2007/01/...mike-burge.tpl wfs

Still can't get the video to work - my computer won't play the media type. I'm going to have to find a way to fix that.

Christian Mendoza 12-01-2008 09:39 PM

more snatches
More training videos uploaded. I tried a different format for laying them all out. My page comes up slow from home. There a more efficient way of thumbnailing videos? Anyhow, the adjustments to my snatch based on everyone's suggestions, goes from 11.28.08 to the most recent. I got a PR of 75, with not too much struggle, however, there's still a slight jump forward, but less than before, I think; adjustments feels different (easier) too. Please provide feedback - thank you very much in advance!


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