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Bill Ennis 12-05-2008 08:04 AM

Weekly Training Schedule Question
Hello ;
I'm new here ; having come from Crossfitting for ~ 1.5 years but wanting to focus more on the Olympic lifts . My question : Due to my work schedule I can only , reliably train Sat , Sun , Mon and Tuesday . Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to adapt the CA WOD to fit this schedule ? Occasionally , I may be able to train on my work days , but it totally unpredictable .
Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Allen Yeh 12-05-2008 09:26 AM

Welcome to the forum.

How are you lifts looking technically? Have you had any coaching to the Olifts? Do you have access to any coaching?

Bill Ennis 12-05-2008 09:46 AM

Hi Allen;
I have no idea how my lifts are looking technically ; they feel good , for what that's worth , but I've never filmed them . I do feel that my arms could be further back on my snatch from pictures of other peoples snatches .
I've just started following the CA WODs with very light weights , trying to concentrate on proper form.
I've never had any coaching but I'm working on that right now . There is an Oly coach here in my town , Nashua , and also another group in Manchester , about 20 min away. So I'm actively working on that end .
Also , just wondering how to incorporate the CA WOD to my schedule .
Thanks for the welcome - there's alot of good info here.

Allen Yeh 12-05-2008 11:35 AM

I had a simliar question for Greg E. a few months ago and this is what he recommended for me as I still need to work on some technique issues (snatch).

This is the way things are typically programmed:
Monday - heavier strength oriented day - no metcon
Tuesday - technique day - medium intensity metcon (in comparison to other CA WOD metcon's)
Wednesay - slightly less heavy strength oreiented day - high intensity metcon
Thursday - Rest
Friday - technique day - low intensity metcon
Saturday - max/heavy classic lift day - no metcon

With your schedule of Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it will be a little rougher with all these days in a row, 1 option could be:
Saturday - Monday workout
Sunday - Tuesday workout
Monday - Wednesday workout with slightly less intense metcon (less rounds or reps...etc)
Tuesday - Friday workout focus but still picking 1 or 2 of the max/heavy lifts from Saturday to do after your technique work

Hope this helps.

Bill Ennis 12-05-2008 01:48 PM

Thanks so much for your help. I'll start with your suggested routine tomorrow.

Allen Yeh 12-05-2008 03:54 PM

No problems, let us know if you need any help.

Jonathan Owen 12-06-2008 05:14 PM

Hi Bill,

I train in NH with team Wilson/Spencer; we are training in Hooksett right now at a independant PL gym that is freindly to our OLY lifts. We train as a team on Monday nights, and you are more than welcome to join us. If you would like more info PM me.


Bill Ennis 12-07-2008 01:42 PM

Hi Jonathan;
I spoke last week with Dave Wilson about lifting with you guys . He said you might be moving in the near future to Next Level in Manchester which would be easier for me as I'm in Nashua .
I'll look at my schedule and when I find a Monday where I can make it , I'll get in touch with you .
By the way , what's a PL gym ?
Thanks again.

Allen Yeh 12-08-2008 04:24 AM

PL = powerlifting gym

Bill Ennis 12-08-2008 04:59 AM

Thanks Allen

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