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Colm OReilly 12-10-2008 04:35 AM

Beginner's Program Question for Greg Everett

I've decided to follow the beginner's program in the book, and am looking at Day 2.
Back Squat seems reasonable, but the Snatch deadlift 105% x 2 x 2 - is that of my workweight Snatch from the day before? If so, my Snatch was 50Kg yesterday, but my deadlift 1RM is 150Kg + (haven't checked in a few months). I can't see much of a benefit from deadlifting 52.5Kg, should I up this?

Also, the Push Press 75% x 5 x 5 - is this of the jerk weight? I'm not sure what my 1RM push press is. Play by ear or use jerk weight?


George Mounce 12-10-2008 05:18 AM

I had this question before and Greg answered it! This is what I got:

What I asked:

I know this sounds stupid...but I'm doing your beginner program in the Olympic Weightlifting book, and for the 105% snatch deadlift - is that 105% of the snatch weight?

Since I'm working up weight in the Oly lifts still, I can snatch deadlift way more than 105% of my current snatch weight, I have the strength, working more on bringing the technique up to match it. Would it be ok to snatch deadlift what I can as 85% of my 1 rep max (meaning 1 rep max deadlift, not snatch dealift - added here for clarity) or should I continue with 105% of what I can snatch?

Thanks for your time and help on this one!

What he said:


Yes, if you have a considerable strength/tech gap, definitely up the weight on the DLs - as long as you're keeping the correct pulling form, i.e. start position, back arch, etc. and not resorting to a 2-hands anyhow. As far as the actual %, that's really just something you'll have to feel out.
I would figure out what your 1 Rep max Push Press is then do 75% of it.

Colm OReilly 12-10-2008 04:06 PM

Thanks George.

Played around with this today to see how it felt and it seemed to work out okay. Gonna have a look at the Snatch deadlift videos.

As I understand the first pull, it's really only to bring the bar from the ground to a good second pull position, and to keep the back uninvolved, so you're more upright to begin and try to use a leg extension to raise the bar (probably not explaining this very well). So it's not the same as a deadlift (ala Rip) with a snatch width grip and a hook grip - which I found very uncomfortable today @ 70Kg (I've stubby assed fingers so that could be it)

Thanks again,

Colm OReilly 12-19-2008 07:04 AM

Snatch Push Press
Hey all,

Said I'd bump this as I tried the Snatch Push Press for the first time this wednesday. It went up handy enough but lowering the bar felt excruciatingly painful, like my shoulders were being pulled out of their sockets. Even today my shoulders (right at the top, on the AC joint) feels quite sore.

I recorded two sets and noticed I was dipping forward a lot on the first set so looked to correct that somewhat on the second set. Seemed to improve.

Did these at 55Kg. Did regular push presses at 50Kg last week with no problems I felt.

Searched but couldn't find anything on this.

Video here.


Greg Everett 12-19-2008 08:58 AM

2 things Colm -

1 - looks like you're tight overhead and it's tweaking your position a bit. keep stretching out those shoulders and upper back.

2 - when lowering the bar, try to pop up with the toes to meet it sooner so you're not controlling it down so far so slow - that's a super awkward position for your shoulders no matter how flexible you are and it's going to end up bothering you eventually if not right away. Watch how the bar is brought down here - that's what you want to do - control it partway down, pop up to meet it as you let it speed up to get to your shoulders, and give with the ankles and knees to absorb the weight. That will save your shoulders and elbows.

Colm OReilly 12-20-2008 12:40 AM

Thanks Greg, really appreciate the help!

EDIT: Shoulder seemed a lot less angry today lowering the bar for Snatch Balances at 50Kg using the technique you described above. Thanks again.

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