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Andrew Meyer 01-06-2009 11:07 AM

Another little guy looking to get big
Little background info on me:

I am 19, started seriously lifting weights at around 18 and have since gained about 15lbs, for a total bw of 175lbs. I am 5'10", play ice hockey and think my weight and strength are seriously holding me back from getting to be really strong the way I want to be. I've been pretty much stuck here for about 6 months, seeing little to no results (mostly due to a changing schedule and poor programming). I've decided to put on the muscle I need to play my sport better and to put up some monster numbers in my lifts. Currently, they are:

(all 1rm)
Squat: 295lbs
Bench Press: 225lbs
Press: 135lbs
Power Clean: 205lbs
Deadlift: 405lbs

Now, I know my numbers aren't too bad for my bw, but nothing elite. My goal at this point is to deadlift 500#, squat 400# and press my current bodyweight(or better). I would love to powerclean 270#+ and the same on bench.

Programming wise, I was thinking SS with weighted pull-ups once a week. I have access to a gym with bumperplates, squat racks, benchs, glute-ham and a good pull-up bar. I am going to aim at 6000 or so calories a day for food including my GOMAD.

Question is: does this seem right for me? Think I will see gains from SS with the pull-ups? 200lbs sounds like a very good weight to shoot for, cutting afterward to a hard 190 or so, while maintaining my lifts. Or should I buckledown, buy practical programming and construct an intermediate program with a strength bias?

Júlíus G. Magnússon 01-06-2009 01:19 PM

Go for SS first... It might not work for long, but it probably will for a couple of weeks. Maybe a month... even longer if you're really able to stuff yourself with 6000 calories each day.

Definitely get Practical Programming right now, though. And start reading so you'll be ready for the switch to intermediate programming.

Point is, you're going to want to milk the novice gains for as long as you can.

Start your SS cycle at conservative weights and gradually increase for as long as you're able before you switch to the Texas method or some other form of intermediate programming.

George Mounce 01-06-2009 07:10 PM

For your goals you'd need to gain another 15 pounds. That is going to make you pretty heavy for a 5'10" hockey player. Something to think about. Plus, do something that will make your strong for your sport, not strong for weightlifting, since the sport is your goal.

I'm not trying to discourage you from lifting weights, but even a GPP program like CrossFit would up your strength, and you'd maintain a great weight for your sport. Also, your nutrition plays a huge factor in all of this, so I hope it is up to par.

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