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Robert McBee 01-09-2007 04:05 PM

Vs. a 5k Swim
I know I'll probably get, and possibly deserve, flack for participating in an endurance test but here goes. I work in a privately owned gym run and populated by a bunch of Ironman folks. Call it peer pressure but I joined them on their annual New Year's Day 5k swim. I've been through the full Total Immersion swim course the club offers but those training sessions were only 25-50m sprint sets and the longest distance I've ever gone was a measley 300m. I never, ever do straight endurance work and consider running 800m a 'long way'.


I finished the whole distance in about 90 minutes, nowhere close to the 'studs' who where dressed and finishing breakfast by the time I was done. I was very tired but at the 3k mark had plenty in the tank. My main curiosity was to observe performance with no raw endurance work under my belt. It was satisfying to see how much metcons and strength work transferred but I definitely didn't develop an addiction to LSD. The crew is encouraging me to do a "sprint tri" in April though...

Mike ODonnell 01-09-2007 05:17 PM

Interval work certainly does carry over to endurance events. Although it couldnt hurt to have a longer (longer for me is 3-5miles) run every other week. Swimming, well you need to practice swimming as that is a completely different monster. Biking is pretty easy compared to the other 2. Great job and good luck!

Just rememeber....the studs are probably 20lbs lighter (or more) and only focus on endurance. Had there been a deadlift station in the middle of the race, it might of been an equalizer for you. While I do some adventure races and tri's here and there....I never really train hard core for them (i am not going to run sub 6 min miles anyways). Just do it for fun....enjoy it.

Robb Wolf 01-10-2007 03:19 PM

Good stuff! Nicki was 3rd person out of the water at a triathlon relay a few years ago. The one guy in 1st is a "professional" triathlete and the woman ahead of nicki had trained for the event 5 days/week for a year. Nicki was less than a minute behind them both and would have been closer but she missed a buoy and ended up covering a significant chunk of extra ground. Nicki has a phenomenal swimming base but all she did was CF and 2 day in the water prior to the race in a creek of all places!

You may not be top of the heap but you can certainly do OK in these sprint events.

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