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Brandon Enos 01-18-2009 07:13 AM

Squats and Deadlifts
Even though squats are quad dominant and deads are more hamstring/glute, since they do both work most of the same muscles with overlap, could you get a complete lower body workout alternating them in say a situation where you are running a lot and attempting to avoid overtraining; say Mon-front squat, Wed-dead, Fri-front squat, Mon-dead, etc etc I think I know the answer, but extra oppinions never hurt.

Liam Dougherty Springer 01-18-2009 08:10 AM

Depending on the % of max weight and volume that could be way to much DL try picking a day a week for DL then alternateing front and back squat. And puting yourself on a schedule for each lift of alterating max effort, dynamic (Box/rack squats), and perhaps some hypertrophy or just slow low weight form intensive sets will help to keep from over training.

Patrick Yeung 01-18-2009 03:08 PM

Is it off season for your sport, and youre trying to build up strength before the season?

If thats the case, focus more on strength training first, with intermittent runs. Then when the season gets closer, start to get the mileage up, unless you still need to build your base.

But if youre in season, or want to do both, thats way too much. Maybe pick 2 days for both. Monday: Heavy FS/Light DL + your maintence run. Thursday: Heavy DL/Light FS + intervals Saturay: Long Run

Throw in one tempo run and thatd look good. Not sure what kind of runnin youre doing though. Ease into the volume. If you feel okay and are gaining on that, then you may be able to add one more lift day that is more specific.

Brandon Enos 01-18-2009 04:04 PM

Liam - Would you be talking about something like Mon - Front Squat, Wed - DL, Fri - OverHead Squat and just repeat that every week? I should not, I am not really a fan of BS, but I do love FS and OHS.

Patrick - My running is to get running for police academies. They are very militaristic in that they consist of lots of long runs. I was even looking at the CHP's website and they have a checklist of things to do before even applying, one of them is to be running a minimum of three miles a day three days a week. Most academies start the day with a long run and end it with one five days a week (and thats if you dont screw up and are forced to run again for punishment. Because of this I want to attempt to do a tempo or LSD run three days a week. I hate long runs, and know theyre not optimal, and Id much rather do intervals and sprints only, but I have to be serious, thats not an option.

Ive asked for help here before and got it, was doing a program I was given then for a while (Mon;Thur - LSD; Tue;Fri - sprints) along with bodyweight training, but I want to start working with heavy weight again and I also want to add another running day if possible mainly because I feel I should get used to running closer to the five days a week versus the two Im doing now.

One idea I had was to do a weekly switch between LSD/tempo and sprints, week 1 would be three LSD or tempo days and two sprint/interval days, week 2 would be three sprint/interval days and two LSD/tempo days. But Idk, something about that just felt off.

What you wrote is similar to an idea I had. M, W, F - do my upper body work (bench, MP, pullups, hanf cleans, etc) and Tue do a day with a heavy FS coupled with a light Good Morning and Thur do a day with a heavy dead and a light OHS or lunge.

Patrick Yeung 01-18-2009 04:18 PM

Sounds like you want to do an exercise program like I am starting. Its StrongLifts.com 5x5Advanced lift schedule

It includes 3 lifting days for a 9 week program, including volume phase (4wks) and then intensity phase (4wks) with a deload week between

The schedule is....

medium squat, heavy bench, heavy power clean, weighted dips

Light squat, OH Press, Heavy DL, weighted pull ups

Heavy Squat, medium bench, medium power clean, turkish get ups.

Im only on the second workout, but it looks complete. You can get the whole program (you can punch in your numbers and it gives you exact weights and sets to do for each) at StrongLifts

Add max effort sprints on Tuesday, long run on Sunday, and pick 2 days to run up to 3 miles in the morning and again that night @ 80%+, lets say mon and Friday.

that gives you two complete rest days, one before your heavy squats (and to recover from the DL) and one before your long run.

From what I know about military runs, they are usually pack hikes of long, 20+ mile treks with heavy weight.

Definitions of "long runs" can vary. 3 miles is still considered short for me. My LSD runs would be in the 20 mile range.

Liam Dougherty Springer 01-18-2009 05:44 PM

What patrick said looks great maybe the light squat day could be OH squat as the heaviest they get is light. The only reason I was suggesting the back squat was it seemed you wanted more posterior training than just DL once a week and the BS can provide that without over training the DL. Whatever floats your boat though. Honestly sprints tax my back side pretty good so if you do through those in there you would probrably be alright with just front squats... Still I think at least a High bar BS should be thrown in a couple times a month at least.

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