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Emily Mattes 02-04-2009 01:28 PM

Getting started with Strongman stuff
Right now I am solidly Olympic lifting, but Strongman stuff looks so goddamned cool I think I would eventually like to try it out. How would you start accenting your workout with Strongman stuff? I don't currently have access to Atlas stones or any of the equipment I see in competitions.

Also, are there many women doing this?

Adam Gagliardi 02-04-2009 01:51 PM

Emily--look on www.nastrongmaninc.com the upcoming contest section, you should be able to see if there are contests near you and then if there are womens sections. Oly will help but you'll also need to work on you DL bigtime since most events require icking things up.
Some things you can do in the gym
DB farmers
any OH stuff
DL's and all the variations, from diff heights, thick bars, etc
a ton of "core" strenght is needed. but fi your doing Oly stuff your probably ahead of the game.
I would also contact your state chairperson, as they would most likely knw of any training crews near you. and it would be a good idea to read/ join www. marunde-muscle.com

Jacob Rowell 02-04-2009 05:43 PM

I was lucky to have the state chairman/his gym full of nice SM stuff 10 minutes from my house. I took a 6 week intro seminar he did, and got started that way.

I've been cobbling together implements on my own. Found some kegs, made an axle, a log, and farmers. None of these have been expensive or too hard.

Finding practice time on the stones is key - I was lucky that I was one of two out of 9 who finished the stones on my first contest, which helped my standing quite a bit, but shows that you need time with them in your hands. Most of the guys were however stronger than me.

As Adam said, a big DL is going to help - theres quite often a DL event, whether it's a pull for max weight at a particular height, pull for reps, axle, whatever. I don't imagine you'd need to be the biggest squatter in the gym, and with the oly work I'm sure you're well on your way. I do think pressing/overhead strength is key. Again, lucky for you, axles, logs, etc.. can be jerk, though the log cuts into hip drive significantly.

If you're really looking to get into SM (is SW the correct term here?), find a crew. Don't know where you are, but there seems to be plenty of guys training out of garages with most the stuff you need.

Emily Mattes 02-08-2009 07:01 PM

Sweet, will be going up to watch the Clash of the Titans in Philly for Valentine's. Best Valentine's date ever!

Adam Gagliardi 02-09-2009 06:12 AM

cool that should be a good contest. some of my training crew will be there for sure. wish i could make it

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