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steve spear 03-07-2009 04:45 AM

Digital Coaching
Ok Here is some updated videos from another angle from yesterdays WOD, It's a little more weight, I think I'm still having the same problems. I'm trying to focus on slowing the first pull to keep my hips from rising, it might have helped alittle in the snatch but not much in the clean. Does it matter that i'm 6'4" I just can't seem to keep them down!!!!

snatch 165 lbs

snatch 175 lbs

clean and jerk 215 lbs

Alright guys I got my bumpers in 2 weeks ago and am now totally obsessed with the o lifts. So I've been watching videos of natalie, casey, aimee, and greg trying to work on form. I think I corrected most of the mistakes I've seen so now I need an outside source. Here's the videos from yesterdays WOD they are wfs.
Oh and I have limited computer skills sorry I couldn't edit these videos....

Muscle snatch


Clean and Jerk

P.S. The "capp" bar I have now is bent and I'm in the market for a good bar. Whats the difference between the training bars and the comp. bars besides the prices and how much can they hold? thanks guys.

Don Stevenson 03-07-2009 05:14 AM


most of the mistakes you are currently making are very common to beginners so don't be to concerned if it looks like a lot to fix.


1. You aren't really setting before you pull and then when you do pull your hips shoot up too fast.
2. You aren't extending at the top of the pull and you are pulling with your arms early.
3. The above two points will severely limit your power and you'll struggle to lift big weights at the moment.
4. On a good note your bottom position and flexibility look fine, i'dprobably try to keep your head up when you hit the bottom though.

1. set up and initial pull are are better than the snatch but watch out for starting with bent arms and straightening them just as you pull, it's a good way to tear biceps tendons.
2. once again, failure to extend in the pull and then early pull with the arms to compensate.


1. Dip is a little slow
2. you need to split the feet further apart and drop deeper, you back leg is very straight and that will tend to push the weight forward in the jerk.
3.Head position is generally ok but try not to look down.

Not bad for early days

steve spear 03-07-2009 08:05 AM


1st thanks for the post. 2nd In the earlier videos I looked at of myself I had those same problems, I'm trying to make the conscious effort and although it's not as bad in the early arms pull its still there, the hips up to early hasn't really gotten any better.... do you have any drills to help me fix those problems? thanks again...


Brian Lawyer 03-07-2009 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by Don Stevenson (Post 52481)
...when you do pull your hips shoot up too fast.

I had this same exact problem. If you go to some of my D. Coaching vid a couple months ago mine was even more exagerated than yours. What fixed me was really keeping my knees flared really wide all the way to the mid-hang position. If you have greg's book or watch some of those lifters videos you will see that even when those lifters have the bar at about mid-hang there knees are still pointing out to the sides.

This allowed my knees to get back out of the way better in order for me to keep a more upright torso which corrected the hips shooting problem. Also, you can practice this with some snatch grip deadlifts or halting SGDL's.

I am not sure if I am real consistent with it yet. I need to try to get some more snatch video of myself because I think I have really improved over the last couple months. But I seem to be doing much better lately. I'm working out anywhere between 165lbs to 200lbs and I am rarely missing now or falling forward. My current Snatch PR stands at 210lbs which I made probably the week after I made the above noted adjustment to my form.

steve spear 03-10-2009 11:25 AM

updated videos
Hey guys if you look back at the top I posted some new videos at a different angle, I'm not sure if these are better at all....

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