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Michael Houghton 06-05-2009 07:20 PM

Clean and Jerk Form Check
I know the Jerk is not the greatest, and it's partly missing, but here's a set of what I did the other night. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I need to snap down under the bar faster, but what do you guys think?


Be nice, I haven't been doing it very long.

Yuen Sohn 06-05-2009 09:48 PM

Hey, nice lifting.

You do jump forward a bit in your cleans, though. Do you find that the bar is making contact with your lower thighs? If so, be a bit more patient in your 2nd pull...the bar should brush a bit higher on the thighs. For your next video, try placing the camera at an angle.

Your first pulls seem to be a bit inconsistent as well. I think your hips rose noticeably faster than your shoulders in the first rep, while your back angle remained fairly constant in the 2nd.

In the jerk, it was tough to tell, but I think you probably threw the weight forward based on how you recovered. Make sure to stay on your heels through the dip & drive and don't slouch forward (keep a good, strong posture).

Good luck!

Michael Houghton 06-05-2009 10:17 PM

Sounds good. I'll work on the second pull. I am tweaking my first pull, I used to be more of a deadlift on my first pull, and I'm adjusting to what I've seen in videos. I start back, and then let my hips come forward before I get going. Thanks for the input! I'm having a few problems with the jerk, mainly because the ceiling is so low, I'm nervous about hitting it, even though I don't.

Thanks again, I'll get a better angle next time.

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