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Rafe Kelley 06-11-2009 05:36 PM

Best book on the Art of coaching
I was curious if anyone had suggestions for books about how to coach as opposed to how to coach a specific sport I am looking for some materials to have assistant coaches study in our program.

Chris Salvato 06-11-2009 06:35 PM

What aspect of coaching? Like, the psychology of how to persuade people to do things they want you want them to or how to properly coach form?

Rafe Kelley 06-11-2009 06:44 PM

Well how to coach form falls more under the sports specific aspect what I am looking for is more about how to create good relationships with members how to cultivate authority etc.

Mike ODonnell 06-11-2009 07:30 PM

This has been the go-to book for decades:

Other than that, the golden rule is...listen and then listen some more....most people will tell you what they are looking for.

Andrew Wilson 06-11-2009 08:24 PM

There this Olympic Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science: Sports Psychology edited by Britton Brewer, & it's extremely good.

Steven Low 06-11-2009 08:25 PM

Great article here:

Chris Salvato 06-12-2009 06:03 AM

I am with MOD on The "How to Win Friends" Book:


Some other good reads include "Influence" and "Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive"


Daniel Mays 06-12-2009 10:35 AM

I think books are probably great to teach you basics of interaction but what I have found to be the best is to truly have love for the athlete and the team. If you have all the tactics but are just doing it to do it people can tell, if you have the skills of the sport and passion for the people you are coaching and the sport people will want to fight for you.

The best way is to make it clear exactly what you expect and what your going to give and the consequences when you don't get 100%. I had a football coach in high school, lots of yelling and always giving you a hard glare when you messed up. It was very disconcerting and didn't built trust and confidence. I'm not saying yelling is bad, but when I'm never really sure why or how to fix what I did wrong it makes you uncomfortable. I'm sure he was trying to build up some sort of mental toughness or whatever but all it did was make me nervous to play which never helps anything.

If people know exactly what their expected to do and exactly what will happen when they don't perform then it is much clearer. They realize the coach isn't yelling at them just to make himself feel better (a lot come off that way) but because he wants you and the team to succeed as much as possible. Some coaches want this to happen but just aren't good at conveying it. Skill sets in the sport, honesty, and passion for both the athlete and their highest level of performance are the things I think are most important to get people to play hard for you.


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