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James Melver 10-13-2006 10:06 AM

Does coffee impair circulation?
Does regular caffeine consumption, e.g. daily coffee, negatively affect blood circulation?

Robb Wolf 10-13-2006 10:24 AM

In general I would say no, coffee consumption does not negatively affect blood pressure/flow. I do have to come clean with the fact that I would likely bleed espresso so this answer may be a bit biased!
Truthfully though, unless you are insulin resistant, seriously stressed out and or under slept some coffee should not be a problem. Keeping an eye on blood pressure is important because small elevations can greatly increase the amount of turbulence experienced by the vascular bed and this turbulence is thought to be one of the contributors to arteriole thickening and consequent loss of plasticity. In fact even though a diastolic BP reading of 80 is considered borderline there is NOTHING borderline about it. Numbers above 75 are causing slow but consistent to the kidneys. Sorry if that rambled from the original question!

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