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R. Alan Hester 01-29-2007 07:33 PM

"Poliquin Pontificates"
Your thoughts on this in general ( http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do...dra?id=1431471 ) and this specifically (a quotation from the attendee, so its validity is questionable): "Forgotten exercises: the dumbbell power clean, the dumbbell power snatch, etc. Newsflash: they were forgotten for a reason!"

Cassidy Drake 01-29-2007 11:21 PM

Whike some things hold merit. Many things are out of left field. But then again a lot of the training principles I used are questioned as well. But I can't agree with DB snatches. I love them and use them in almost every clients program.

Yael Grauer 01-29-2007 11:37 PM

Check out those guns!!

Allen Yeh 01-30-2007 05:10 AM

I like some of the things said in there mainly becuase I kind of hold a lot of those things true already...hehe nothing like validation right? Seriously though.

I think there is a validity to the DB snatch, and since there was no reason stated as to why CP doesn't like it's hard to think of his reasoning.

I thought the face massage to get a deeper squat was interesting I can think of other places that you can massage to possible squat deeper but never thought of the face.

The Biosignature Modulation stuff was um interesting to be sure.

Genetic defect for asparagus?

ZMA - I'd be curious to take the liquid zinc tally test and see where I'd stand compared to others.

I like his take on the food pyramid "If you want to look like a pyramid, eat like a pyramid.

Veganism is retarded..ha!

Flax oil bad but flax seeds are good? He says the lignans bind estrogen 4 and 16?

George Foreman leaking titanium??? Doesn't he mean teflon? Or whatever non-stick is put on those?

Asian people and Caucasians can absorb different amounts of soy? 96% versus 16%? I do find that thought provoking.

Mike ODonnell 01-30-2007 07:13 AM

"Studies show that the "core" is among the least trainable/improvable muscle groups in the body. Charles spends only 6-8 weeks on direct "core training" before relying on basic lifts like squats and deadlifts to train the core. Charles says that "core training" is largely championed by strength coaches who can't get anyone strong, and the core training fad is one of the reasons Charles decided to start his own certification course."

What a fad in fitness??? No way!!.....So I guess I should not order the "Bean"?

Interesting article.....he loves his HCL though....his certification might be good education...but really adds nothing to the table business wise.

Neal Winkler 01-30-2007 07:43 AM

You can't argue with Poliquin's credentials, but he does say some crazy things. If only we could hear his reasoning for some of it. I think the craziest thing he has ever written would be the whole eastern philosophy thing where you train according to your "element." Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo up there with horoscopes.

Ron Nelson 01-30-2007 12:25 PM

His training ideas make sense, for the most part. Even some of his diet tips ring true (peanuts don't go well with a low-carb diet). I just can't get past his HCL obsession.

That being said, I'm infinitely curious as to whether additional HCL would help me or not. Until I can get a better idea, I'm staying away. I will add more milled flax seed to my diet for the fiber (although he says that fiber is overrated) and the estrogen binding.

Interesting thoughts regarding cancer. I guess we're all going to get it eventually. Smoke up, Johnny.

Robb Wolf 02-05-2007 05:42 PM

Late to the party on this. I like a lot of CP's stuff. Ido has nothing but good thigns to say about the biosignature stuff...might be a cert i do in the future.

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