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Philip Bjorge 08-22-2009 10:26 AM

Novice Programming of O-Lifts for Cheerleading
I've just started reading through Greg Everett's book on Olympic Lifting. I was looking at the program templates in the back and was wondering if the novice program is the fastest way to improve my speed lifts and improve for my sport.

I want to participate in collegiate cheerleading. Tryouts this year came right after I finished my Starting Strength cycle. I noticed that once I had a girl in hands pressing her up to extension wasn't too big of a deal. The issue (and reason I didn't make the team) is that I'm slow. I don't have much (if any) explosive power and as such getting that girl to hands is the toughest part. My lack of explosiveness also hinders my basic tumbling (back tucks and back handsprings) Obviosuly the O-Lifts would help tremendously in developing this and be critical for my future success.

1. Is the novice program as laid out in Greg's book the fastest linear progression one can make on the olympic lifts? It says 2-3% improvement each week. My reason for asking is because I'm used to faster progression with Starting Strength. I'm guessing though that the O-Lifts tax your body significantly differently and as such can't progress in the same way. Right?

2. I've been browsing around the internet looking for O-Lifting programs and I've come across the CA WODs and Mike Burgener's WODS. As well as the previously mentioned program in Everett's book. Which do you think is most suitable for me and my goals? (I've been taught the O-Lifts by Burgener at a cert and Power Clean from Rip and practiced them on my own - so I have some limited experience in the lifts but technique work would still be very beneficial).

3. I've got 6 months or so before tryouts. Would you think I'm best off spending the full 6 months on the O-Lifts and 1 Gymnastic Day? Or maybe 5 months of O-Lifts and 1 month of O-Lifts and GPP? Any Thoughts?

Hopefully this makes sense - I'm just really looking for someone with experience training these lifts to point me in the right direction. Finding resources for cheerleading is unbelievably difficult and most of the coaches I've talked to seem to be lacking in programing experience for the men. Thanks a lot!

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