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joshua tan 09-17-2009 06:27 PM

My IF Program
Hi guys,

Have been trying IF for a while now under Hofmekler's Warrior Diet program. Been on and off IF, but do notice that on IF days I feel light and energetic. However, sometimes I become too excited and anxious. Also, as I tend to do a lot of mental work, I encounter mental blocks about once every 2 hours, which are remedied by a piece of fruit or some fresh juice.

I'd like to solicit comments on my IF program:

IF 5 days (Mon-Fri), Sat-Sun is anything goes

On IF days

0000H - 1800H
0 calorie drinks (tea w/o sugar, plenty of water)
light salads
fruit/vegetable juices (especially when I start to feel mentally sluggish)
fresh fruit

1800H - 0000H
Pig out on healthy food

Is it possible to extend this to the entire week? I do my hobbies on weekends as well and would love to have the energy and mental clarity that IF gives.


Derek Weaver 09-17-2009 06:50 PM

yes, it's possible. Make sure you eat enough calories per 24 hour period and you'll be fine.

Mike ODonnell 09-18-2009 07:56 AM

You drinking coffee or other stimulants? That can cause anxiety especially while fasting when your SNS nervous system is already running....like throwing more gasoline on a fire.

Also it's not good as it will raise cortisol....which it not a goal as well.

Dizziness and brain fog may be a sign of low blood sugar....as your brain is a glucose hog. Hence why you have sugar (fruits, drinks) and you are fine. This is something that can get better over time as well once you start turning the tide on insulin resistance.

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