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Grissim Connery 10-10-2009 02:52 AM

Basket Swings
Maybe I'll post this up on the GB forums too.

So I've trying to understand some of the different swings recently. The most interesting one to me now is the basket swing. Should it be considered a transition swing?

For example, I was trying to glide kip up and pull back into a muscle up. I noticed that if i tried to glide kip into a basket swing, it would help raise my hips higher for what felt like an easier rotation into a muscle up. i was not able to pull this off, but the motion felt cleaner and had potential. i was trying this on both rings and a pullup bar, each had its disadvantage, either the added swing of the rings or the tight space of the pullup bar.

When i try to drop through parallel bars from support to a swinging hang, i find that the force is too much for me to control at the moment with the palms-facing-out grip. Should basket swings be used for many transitions, including this one?

i guess my overall question is whether the basket swing is a good method to help switch between hanging swings and support swings.

Steven Low 10-10-2009 04:26 AM

Wait what? Pull back into a muscle up?

Kips on both apparatus should harness swing and NOT be muscling the skill. If you are muscling the skill especially with bent arms you are losing all of the benefit of learning the kip on hbar/pbars and on rings.

For hbar/pbars the initial glide is supposed to give momentum to load the body into the basket. YOu are supposed to ride the basket up, then forcefully apply hip extension with a downwards pull of the arms to use the power from the hip extension to counter rotate up to the top of the skill.

For rings, you can use the stretch shorten cycle to load the skill by starting in inverted hang and then 'bouncing' out of the basket with the hip extension. Same rule applies to forcefully pull the arms down and back to use it to counter rotate.

Arms stay straight all the time for all 3 apparatus.

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