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Andrew Simonis 10-16-2009 07:25 AM

I think this maybe be new favorite food..... its like 4 bucks right now, yeilds a ton of squash meat... and well the pumkin seeds roasted with chili, lime, cayenne, and garlic........ wish they never went out of season

Greg Davis 10-16-2009 12:25 PM

favorite recipe?

Andrew Simonis 10-16-2009 04:11 PM

Cut in half

Scoop out pulp and seeds

Lay face down on a baking sheet with a 1/4 of water on the pan

bake at 350 for 90 minutes


add cinnamon and ground beef

pretty simple, mostly just eat it by it self or with meat

Seeds... remove pulp, but leave them slimy.

squeeze a lime or to into bowl of seeds and mix them up so the juice coats them

spray the baking sheet and scatter seeds

cover with chili power and cayenne pepper

bake for about 13 minutes at 350 turn a few times


Greg Davis 10-23-2009 12:19 PM

here's a good one I made last week with a few modifications but its a good starting point:

Pumpkin Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

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