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Brian Amundsen 11-25-2009 05:42 PM

My Ebook with review from Dan John
I wrote an ebook "Speed through Strength". It is for anyone who wants to be faster by getting stronger which is an integral part to the process. It is especially helpful for young athletes and coaches with large groups.

NEW E-BOOK FOR SALE! Here are reviews from Dan John and Steve Shafley!

"There is a new ebook worth of reading and the title alone might be worth the investment, "Speed Through Strength". Brian Amundsen's new work walks the athlete through basic, simple progressions for the development of speed with minimal equipment and maximal effect. He recommends three inexpensive pieces of equipment for the development of speed and, frankly, the suggestions are excellent. The system is simple, but as we so often joke now: "not easy." Exercises are laid out in a nice framework and the pictures support the materials well. I am a huge fan of planks and there is a large section on them, including one I will add to our program immediately: the "Crab."

This is the kind of work that I wish I would have had as a kid. The exercises are sound and work the body without a great deal of technical adjustments. As a coach, I will keep this as a handy reference as so many of my athletes often travel and need something to do on the road. Bodyweight work is under rated, in my opinion, and Brian's book will help me design better uses of it in our programs. Brian's book is a solid addition to my library and I strongly recommend it!"

Dan John, Author, Strength coach, Head Track and Field coach at Juan Diego Catholic High School in Draper, Utah

"Brian Amundsen of MVP-Athletix provides solid ideas for effective strength training with a minimal investment for any field-based sport. There are ideas in this book that almost any caoch can use to help improve the preparedness of their players."

Steve Shafley, coach of the Tri-City Barbarians U19 Girls Rugby team

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