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Tony Ferous 12-11-2009 04:50 AM

Attempting to vary my veg...whilst avoiding nightshades and produce from places like China(pesticide concerns etc) mushrooms have gotta have something to them, check it out:

(Contains) Lentinan, which is technically classified as a polysaccharide and referred to as a branched beta-glucan, has also been shown to have anti-cancer activity

L-ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant, has been discovered in mushrooms, thanks to a new analytical method capable of identifying this antioxidant in plant material


Ergothioneine looks even better on Wiki!!

If ergothioneine does become oxidized, the disulphide is a very strong oxidizing agent, so this will in turn rapidly oxidize other thiols in the cell such as glutathione.

In the human body, the largest amounts of ergothioneine are found in erythrocytes, eye lens and semen,[2] and it is also present in the skin.[9]


I just stir fried some, i hope to wake up to keen eyesight and a bedsheet like a tent! ;-)

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