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thomas beasley 02-08-2007 04:09 PM

Travel and Weight Loss
I just returned home from a month long holiday in Argentina, and was surprised at how much weight I lost while on my trip. 20 pounds. While on the trip I leaned out and could tell that I probably lost a couple pounds, but not 20.

The last couple days, I picked up a pretty nasty case of food poisoning, stomach flu, or something that has left me pretty wiped out. So I am not sure how much of the weight loss is due to the illness and loss of fluids.

I have been back for two days now, have been re hydrating myself, and starting to feel better. Tomorrow or the next day I will check my weight again to get a better idea of how much was fat and how much was fluid loss from the illness.

I can't say I did whole lot training while I was gone. I did some hiking and treking, and even some bodyweight exercises on occasion. I also ate ridiculous amounts of food, mostly meat and vegetables with the occasional ice cream. For anyone going to Argentina, besides having killer meats, they make some tasty ice cream.

Yesterday I tried a little light training, and was absolutely worthless. Weak and no endurance. I am hoping that as I get better, I will get some strength and endurance back in the coming days. It made me wonder how much a person regress in a month? I am not looking forward to seeing where I am on my lifts.

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