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Eric Deangelis 01-06-2010 01:15 PM

Post Workout
I know I have read this on other posts, but I have been tinkering a lot with my post workout meals- there are just so many opinions on the matter. I have been eating 3 good meals a day, 100% paleo, with adequate protien and fats, with lower carbs all comming from veggies such as broccoli, bell peppers, red cabbage, spinach, etc. I do BJJ and lift. On lifting days my dinner usually comes within an hour of lifting, and i usually make it larger than other days so it acts as a post workout meal for me. I am more concerened with BJJ nights. I have been recently just eating dinner at around 4:30 or 5 and not eating when i get back from BJJ. I get back around 8:15, take a shower, and sit down not even thinking about hunger and Im in bed 20 minutes later. So question is...am I really missing anything not "refueling" after bjj? What would you recommend or what do you do?

Goals: get stronger, maintain sub 10% body fat, keep energy, and get better at bjj.


Thanks for the advice

Steven Low 01-06-2010 06:48 PM

You may not be missing anything.

On the other hand,

Why not add a post workout meal (high protein + some carbs.. maybe some fat too if you wish) and see how it affects your performance/strength for a couple weeks.

We all react different so you have to be willing to play around a bit with your body to to figure out what works the best.

Mike ODonnell 01-07-2010 08:12 AM

"Embrace the Sweet Potato" (Patent Pending)

Eric Deangelis 01-25-2010 06:36 PM

I have stated adding the following to BJJ nights Post Workouts:

1/5 can of lite coconut milk
2 cups frozen spinach (4 g carbs)
1 heeping scoop 100% cocoa
1 scoop BCAA/Whey (23g protien, no carbs)
1/2 cup blackberries (about 6 or 7 g carb)
1 or 2 cups of water
generous dash of cinn.

Lot of volume from the ice, water, and spinach but overall calories are low (250- 300) and very low carb and loaded with good stuff. Gonna watch BF and see how it goes.

Still worried about different posts I have read saying you dont need PWO after metcon style workouts - does BJJ fall under this category? BJJ is often 1 hour of rolling and friday classes are 2 hours of open mats, 7 min matches so that gets intense....

Derek Weaver 01-25-2010 10:25 PM

You don't really need anything after a workout assuming you've eaten fairly recently (kinda vague, but a couple hours should fit the bill here) before the workout considering that digestion is an ongoing process and nutrients should still be present.

However, it certainly doesn't hurt. From my own experience, whole foods as much as possible, in balanced meals (roughly equivalent amounts of macros.. not Zone unless you like being constantly underfed) seems to be the most sustainable approach. High carbs can suck after a while, low carbs definitely sucks after a while, moderate everything seems to be real nice. Do that in whatever set up suits you best, although I would try and squeeze some calories in after your workout.

If you want to stay lean, eat in proportion to activity. If you want to put on a little meat and don't mind being less lean than before, eat more.

Don't sweat carbs so much. They are actually capable of helping you do good things in the gym. It's true, and assuming you don't eat too much total food you'll still have abz.

Eric Deangelis 01-26-2010 03:17 PM

I guess my main question is:

Do i go PWO after my BJJ or my Str workouts. I have read arguements for both sides of this fence. I have another post up of my typical diet. 3 good meals a day, lots of meat, variety of fats, and low carbs all comming from good veggies.

Id like to do whole food but a shake is really my only option when i get back at night from bjj due to the fact i hope in the shower and into bed and I can drink it as im winding down.

If eating post strength workout is better, a good option for me could be a salmon filet and some egg whites mashed together with a half sweet potato (really good).

Pain in the arse to figure this all out.

Thanks for the help guys!

Derek Weaver 01-26-2010 05:05 PM

Don't figure it out. Just eat. And yes, eat PWO. And quit fearing carbs so much. Without knowing exactly what you're eating I'm willing to bet that the answer is "not enough".

Sneak in a couple pieces of fruit every day, at the very least. Seriously, carbs aren't evil. I'm not telling you to eat 75% carb. But I am telling you that you can certainly do with at least 100 grams/day. If you're strength training and getting in some jits a few days per week I'm sure there's room and I'm guessing you'll perform just fine if not better. And you'll still have abz.

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