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Nicholas Cruz 01-14-2010 08:53 AM

How much Ox Bile per meal?
I have a friend that I got started on the zone and she had her gall bladder removed some years ago. As I understand it, she should be taking ox bile supplements with every meal. The question, though, is how much ox bile to take per meal? Also, is one brand better than another? I am looking at one from Vitamin Shoppe that is a 500mg capsule. Is there anything else that you would recommend that she take in order to facilitate digestion?

And, on a separate note, what are the symptoms of not being able to digest the fat normally? This is the first time that I have dealt with someone without a gall bladder and I am always trying to learn more about nutrition.

Thank you

Garrett Smith 01-14-2010 10:38 AM

For symptoms, look up "steatorrhea" or "fat intolerance symptoms".

She needs enough ox bile that she doesn't get symptoms when she eats meals that contain fats. Getting a supplement that has ox bile and lipase would be even better.

Straight 40/30/30 Zone may not be enough fat to cause her many issues, but increased fat blocks likely would be.

She should always take the ox bile when she takes fat-soluble supplements (D3, fish oil, vit. K, vit. E, vit. A, other oils, etc.).

jamess thomas 04-05-2010 09:28 PM

let me tell you about my physic. when i ate i get weight. and when i take light food i get better. i don't know what is going on with me.

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