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Rick Deckart 02-13-2007 01:36 PM

Shaf your a genius...
I don't remember that I had a laugh like that reading a post on a forum.

Nomination for the most funny posting ever!

Still laughing my ass off,


Ron Nelson 02-13-2007 04:41 PM

. . .and that would be?

Steve Shafley 02-13-2007 07:30 PM

Sometimes I just have to "flex". This is one of the times.


The IGx forums are really insular with a bizarre range of insider jokes that run through the whole thing. Because much of the time I'm not interested in hashing out a 5x5 cycle, or talking about setting up in the squat, or interested in discussing Westside Barbell anymore, I tend to participate in the skewed, off-topic stuff.

I took this opportunity to make fun of the goofy ad copy of the "inner circle" folks, and to just generally be a dick.

The thread was inspired by an accusation made by Dan Bescher (Garm) towards Jack Myers (RKC) that a few years back Jack followed Garm into the bathroom at some kettlebell event to watch him pee, multiple times. I am almost 100% certain that the accusation is just a ploy to agitate Jack, but Garm's kept building it up until he makes regular "Jeek Hating" posts.

Ron Nelson 02-13-2007 09:56 PM

IGx is a constant source of entertainment for me. Your thread was just as advertised and didn't disappoint.

There's some wit going on over there.

Ronnie Ashlock 02-13-2007 10:13 PM

Shaf... I was crying reading that thread... tears are still drying on my cheek.

I'm new to Irongarm. I remember somebody mentioning IGx about a year ago when there was the Perfect Storm going on a certain other message board (i.e. "Reverse Magic Manna"), but never bothered to look it up until you posted the link a week or two ago in regards to the Cotter kettlebell coup. I clicked on it and have ever since been sucked into the twisted world of IGx. Over a period of three days, I couldn't stop clicking and reading all the various insanity posted over there. By far, the single most entertaining board I've seen. You really have to read the volume of posts by some of the 'regulars' to truly savor what you accomplished with your JH vs. NSSJH thread.


Ronnie Ashlock 02-13-2007 10:21 PM


I have a confession to make. I um, "heavily borrowed" from a Russian subliminal program I read about to make those audio files. I meant to give credit but Shaf went and put my name on it without my permission.
I think I ruptured something when I read this.

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