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Justin McCallon 03-09-2010 03:19 PM

Squat Technique
I am trying to dedicate the next couple months to improving my form on squat/c&j/deadlift/snatch while maintaining everything else.

My squat form is terrible (and my clean/deadlift/snatch form is worse). I uploaded a video on youtube of myself squatting. I have enough trouble just keeping an arch I guess, but when I get to the bottom of my squat, I start rounding bad, and I also do a bit of a Good Morning (and, as I add more weight, the good morning becomes worse). I'm hoping to find out (a) what the problem is, and (b) what can I do to fix it. I'm trying really hard in these videos not to round, and I'm still rounding, which tells me I can't fix it just by concentrating. The weight is light.

In the video, I do the following:
2 squats unweighted
1 high bar squat deep
1 high bar squat parallel
2 low bar squats deep
1 low bar squat parallel
1 front squat deep
1 front squat parallel


Also, less important, but programming question:
On my current program, I'm squatting 3x every 2 weeks, deadlifting twice, and doing light (generally working up to 60% of 1rm) clean, jerk, or snatch work 10x every 2 weeks (which means I am squatting 7 of those days). What should I do for my squat days? My squat sucks and I want it to get stronger, but I also want to improve my form.

I can do a lot more weight low bar than high bar (although my form may be worse). I was thinking about doing 2 heavy (5x5, 5x3 or 4 reps over 90%, following Prilepin's chart) low bar low box squat workouts, and then 1 front and overhead squat session, going lighter and working on form. I can usually keep a little bit better form on box squat, and for some reason I can move more weight. I figure I get strong from that, and then I get improved technique from my front squat + Clean/Snatch work. But, this also has drawbacks. Any opinions?

(I also do RDLs and GHR's, each once a week)

Robert Callahan 03-09-2010 06:43 PM

If you are this concerned with improving your squat maybe you should do a more squat oriented lifting program with the oly lifts as a more accessory role? Something along the lines of Starting Strength? You look as though you could stand to gain a bit of weight and a program like that may help you do that as well.

Also I would pick one style squat, Low bar, High bar, front, over head, etc and get good at that one style first, then transition to the others.

So a good 4-8 weeks of squatting 3 times a week with lots of food and linear progression basically is what I am suggesting may help.

James Bailey 03-10-2010 03:04 AM

What Robert said, but in addition, if you are most interested in doing oly lifting then the best squat to start with is high bar deep back squat. Then front squats, then if you want or need to low bar.

Squat three times per week, it won't hurt if you eat and sleep enough.

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