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Troy Kerr 05-04-2010 09:56 AM

Current Routine..looking for suggestions
The routine I have been following the last eight weeks. I have been seeing strength gains, however halfway through the routine I am pretty out of it. Dropping the quality of my handstand work, and hip extension movements.

1. Front Lever progression-60 seconds
2. Pull-up 3x3.- working out keeping my upper back and elbows tight at the top as opposed to hollowing out.
3.Planche progression- 60 seconds
4. Dips 3x3.- Usually after 3 slow controlled reps I am pretty spent, I was thinking about switching to the bulgarian dips for my next cycle or just using 5 sets as opposed to three.
5. Back Lever w/ supinated grip 60 seconds- Progress seems to come on a weekly basis with this, however by this point in the program I am usually pretty tired. However I can knock out 6x10 seconds with ease.
6.Handstand wall holds- 60 seconds Depending on my energy I may do these, the last few days I have skipped it all together.
7. Hip extension work- These involve body-weight curls, hip-extension, etc. This varies week by week and isn't intense at all.

So far on this program my planche strength has improved the most ( I can now hold a 5 second adv. tuck ). My front lever is slowly improving, somedays I feel like I hold an advance tuck then can't sustain it for the rest of the week. The sup. grip back lever is feeling more and more comfortable each week. With the handstand I can do 6x10second wall holds easy, and was able to do a freestanding HeSPU like it was nothing yesterday.

My biggest concerns are the length of my program, and the weak hip extension work. My rest between sets is usually 2-3 minutes depending on the movement, causing the program to take at least an hour an a half. I do this program on MWF.
I would love to use tuesday and thursday to apply some hip extension/ conditioning, I was thinking something like alternating clean/deadlift work, emphasizing power development, and then finishing up with 100-200 meter sprints on the c2 rower.
Guys any suggestions, comments? I'd really like some input

Steven Low 05-05-2010 06:15 PM

Put handstands in the front, always. Hip extension work can go in the front as well, if it's just activation work. If it's heavier stuff then integrate it earlier sometimes if its suffering.

I'd go with an easier version of pullups and dips at 3x5-8 or so.

Basically, you gotta prioritize what you want to get better quicker. Handstands, in general, once you adapt will be more skill work instead of strength so it won't have much effect on y our latter routine.

From there you need to decide what you want to get better the fastest (first exercise) and what you want to be lower on the totem poll.

I would work lower intensity for a bit because the strength is apparently draining you too much.

Troy Kerr 05-07-2010 03:48 PM

How would you recommend lowering the intensity Steven? For inserting handstand work at the beginning of the workouts, would this be static holds, or HSPU's as well?

I eventually would love to progress to higher level skill movements, but for now I am very concerned with developing a solid base. Aside from progressing in handstands with this current routine I would also like to further my progress in the planche and front lever. I have the supinated back lever in there primarily for developing/ maintaining my biceps tendon strength.

In this second cycle I would like to add some conditioning on the concept 2 rower, and some hip extension work just keep the legs somewhat strong.

Steven Low 05-07-2010 07:03 PM

Lower intensity by choosing an easier version of an exercise and working 6-8 reps instead. Should give you a bit more hypertrophy, if you're into that plus help strengthen up the tendons and other connective tissue. Strength gain should still be fairly good.

Uhhh, handstand work in the beginning is just the handstand work. Or any other skill work you want to improve on. After that it's free reign whatever you want to do.

Sounds fine. If you want to make it a bit shorter then throw in the last 2-3 exercises from your workout into a short circuit (mix of push/pull/legs) tends to work best. Acts as a brief metabolic workout while still helping you progress with some of the bodyweight work.

Troy Kerr 05-09-2010 09:35 AM

Should I be shooting for 60 seconds of holds on the handstands?

Since I am stuck on low rep pullups and Dips, would you recommend going down to horizontal push/ pulling for easier variations? So instead of dips use a planche push-up variation and ring-rows instead of pullups?

Steven Low 05-09-2010 04:53 PM

You should do as much handstand work as possible in the time allotted for your HS.

I discuss this a bit more in the programming article I write (in sig). But the quick summary is you want to do ONLY quality work, but from week to week you want to increase the density of your work/rest times.

It may be a good idea to switch from pullups and dips... are there easier variations you can use? Generally, it's a bit better if you can do pullups and dips because they have more ROM done fully than horizontal pulling and pushing..

Troy Kerr 05-09-2010 07:13 PM

I have the assisted bands for pull-ups. My problems isnt doing pullups, more so doing them without hollowing out at the top and keeping the back tight. The only easier version of dips I could think of would be to do them off of the rings or just try and kip through them.
I have taken this past week off to recover. During my workout tomorrow I am going to evaluate everything. Do you think possibly going from 3x3 to 5x3 would be better suited than moving down in a progression?

Steven Low 05-09-2010 07:55 PM

Possibly. It depends on how much adaptation you get off your recovery week.

Play around with it a bit.

Troy Kerr 05-12-2010 11:45 AM

Recovery went well, rapped up the workout with a 250 meter row, 8 ring dips, 5 pull-ups for 3 rounds, dips were fine but the pull-ups were somewhat difficult. Would you advise doing a 3x6-8 for ring dips and 5x3-5 for pulls ups? Also, for the planche work, do you see any benefit in adding bent arm work or just continuing with straight arm variations?

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