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Santos Reyes 02-20-2007 12:19 PM

Play it Again Sports new Kb's
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Play it Again sports is now carrying their own line of kettlebells. They look to be very similar to DD, however, on the bottom they have a rubber bottom that is glued and hex head bolted down. Very Nice. Of the three Play it Again Sports that I have been to only one had any idea what kettlebells are. That could account for the range in prices I found. One was .89 cents per pound, one was $1.14 per pound, and one was $1.50 per pound. Just wanted give people a heads up on this.

Mike ODonnell 02-20-2007 12:34 PM

Wow....that would be great since it wouldn't involve any shipping at that point....will have to check the local ones here.

Santos Reyes 02-20-2007 12:59 PM

Yeah, and if they say they don't have them ask them to look in their Apollo catalog. Since they are new for 07'.

Greg Everett 02-20-2007 05:19 PM

How are the handles? Smooth, or is there a seam?

Santos Reyes 02-20-2007 07:19 PM

They are really smooth with a minor seam on the top of the handle. I will try and get some pics up soon.

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